Penguin Live

Jack Kent Tillar – 2015 Penguin Live Lecture

His successful career of over 1,200 films and TV shows includes an Emmy, an Academy Award and many other accolades. The magic world knows him for the “Blister” effect, but – who is J. K. Tillar?

Jack has four great passions: his brilliant family, composing music and lyrics, mental magic, and the ocean! He always lives by or on the water and was a Naval Officer for over a decade. His mom wanted her son to appreciate music, so she implored her father-in-law to buy the family a piano. She played it religiously throughout the pregnancy. It worked! At 4, John (later Jack) began lessons.

At 9, a friend took him to Bert Wheeler’s Hollywood Magic. He was mesmerized by a cut rope that magically restored itself and tiny sponges that jumped from one mini cup to another! For his 11th birthday, he got volume one of the famous Tarbell Course and devoured it! More than magic, he learned stagecraft, lighting, how to routine and what makes good theatre. (He even made gimmicks from tin cans to earn his Ben Chavez College of Magic tuition!)


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