Joseph B – Any Card at Any Value

“Joseph B. is a strange character in magic because above all his style has something mysterious”

This effect has such a subtle and ingenious method that you will not regret buying it!
It is definitely one of the creations I am most proud of! If you want to destroy your spectator with a killer effect, this is the one!
I never wanted to reveal it and only a few people know this amazing secret! This effect Is a mix of impossible location, Acaan and impossible revelation!
Just like in a complicated clockwork mechanism, each piece is at the right point to make this effect memorable and gorgeous! I have often used this effect as an opener and always got great reactions.
You have all the material at home to construct the deck !

No Duplicate
No memorized deck
No deck switch
No Rough and smooth
No Memory work
No glu
No steaky stuff


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