• Close-Up Illusion by Larry Jennings

    In this Larry Jennings miracle, things start to get weird quickly, as one card MELTS through another. It looks SO GOOD it’ll fool your brain EVEN IF YOU KNOW HOW IT WORKS.

    And the best part? The gimmick does almost all the work! Seriously, if you can hold 3 cards, you can perform this trick. And that brings us to the other great thing about this trick, you don’t have to waste any time having a card chosen, carrying a deck OR EVEN TALKING. When you perform the first penetration, jaws will drop and ALL attention will be on you.

    When you’re done, you can CLEANLY show all 3 cards (there are only 3 cards used) and your audience will be too stunned to speak. It looks like a special effect!

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  • Matthew Underhill’s One

    Image result for Matthew Underhill _-_ ONE

    The effect is inspired (as Underhill states) by Doc Eason’s Anniversary Waltz. The effect is different, but the affect is very similar. A Four of Hearts is “selected” and shown to the spectator. Front and back are signed. Then the magician visually slides one of the heart pips from one corner to another. The card can then be immediately handed out and kept by the spectator as a souvenir. Not too shabby as card effects go.

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  • FLOAT by SansMinds Creative Lab

    The performer takes out and displays his gentleman’s wallet.  He opens the wallet to disclose a credit card inside. With a magical gesture, the credit card mysteriously floats upwards from the wallet.  While the audience is still recovering from its stunned state, the performer closes his wallet and takes out the credit card and hands it for examination.

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  • The Gecko by Jim Rosenbaum

    Imagine vanishing virtually any item produced from a spectator’s pocket. The Gecko, a brilliant, virtually invisible device will allow you to do so with ease!

    The Gecko is ingenious, simple, and easy to use magic device. The hook up is almost instantaneous and the reset is just as fast. It is extremely light-weight and is so unobtrusive you can have it set up at all times ready for use, and even forget that you are wearing it! It is appropriate for all skill levels from beginner to expert and is a must-have item for every performer. It can even be performed in short sleeves!

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  • R2 by Chris Randall

    R2 - magic

    The classic Linking Rings effect is a timeless piece of magic that can provoke unbelievable reactions… when performed correctly. Chris Randall has been perfecting this effect since he was 11 years old, and now he’s finally ready to reveal the secrets behind his award-winning routine.

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  • Half Half Man – Quarterly Issue 1,2,3,4


    Limited Edition of 500 copies. This is the first issue of our magazine Quarterly, a publication aimed at all serious students of magic who would like to keep pursuing new approaches, new ideas, and find new visions for performing and creating magic. Our Quarterly collaborators decided to share with the readers essays that will make them think, question what they already know, and push them into new artistic challenges and different visions for magic, as well as analyze other aspects of our art. The one looking to learn “tricks” here will be disappointed, but the one seeking magic wisdom and in-depth analysis will be delighted.

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  • Automatic Magic Square presented by Tori Noquez

    The best number trick of all time.

    This effect combines a little bit of mind reading and lot of impressive math wizardry. The Automatic Magic Square makes you look like a genius. Thankfully, the method only requires very basic elementary math skills.

    They think of a number and immediately you start writing numbers down. It looks like their thoughts are guiding your pen to write numbers down. After you write many of the numbers down you ask for their number and in seconds you complete the magic square. You mention that while you did not write down their thought of number, something interesting has happened. You noticed that all of the numbers in each row equals their thought of number. Same goes for each column and the diagonal lines too. Not only that but you can even add the four corners and they add up to the thought of number. Whether it is mind reading, magic or math, the Automatic Magic Square is an impressive feat no matter how you add it up.

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  • AppeaRing Red by Bocopo Magic & Silver Wing

    Love is an eternal topic that spans all regions, races, ages and artistic fields. The ring represents the permanent commitment between lovers.

    In the long history of magic, there are many magic effects related to the ring, such as teleportation, vanishing, floating, color changing and linking together. Now, AppeaRing is available for you, filling a void that only this new effect can accomplish! You can perform the Appearing Ring effect with it as easy as winking.

    It offers you an entirely new possibility when you want to propose or confess your love.

    AppeaRing is a fully automatic magic prop. Secretly load the ring. Then, simply press a button and the effect will occur.

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  • Alakazam Magic & Steve Brownley – Ultimatum Deck


    The Ultimatum Deck is an utility deck that allows you to perform some strong magic.

    It is simple in concept and in construction, and is easy to use.  This clever deck is the brainchild of Steve Brownley.  He first marketed this deck through Russell Hall of Magick Enterprises.  Peter Nardi of Alakazam Magic now bought over this right to manufacture and sell the Ultimatum Deck.

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  • Mint-O by Liam Jumpertz

    A COMPLETE sellout sensation at Magic Live and Blackpool!

    Imagine the scene: when traveling to Australia, we saw a young man performing a FANTASTIC street show. And amidst the classics, he did something we had NEVER seen, and the crowd went crazy – a range of emotions, from screaming to covering their eyes to laughing to silently dazzled.

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