Devin Knight – 5 ways to stop your pulse

5 Ways to Stop Your Pulse by Devin Knight

Please know that some of the methods taught in this ebook may pose a health risk to you, particularly if you are not in top health. We are supplying this information for educational purposes only and to explain how the fakirs do this. Use of these methods is done on your own risk.

This is the definitive work on the subject. Many magicians may know one method using a gimmick, but this PDF gives you five different methods for stopping your pulse. This can be a very effective effect for lay people and never fails to amaze. The psychic, Jason Michaels, used these effects for reporters to garner publicity.

You will learn three ways of stopping your pulse that are 100% impromptu and require no gimmicks. Yes, three no-gimmick methods. Some of the no-gimmick methods can be done under test conditions, meaning you can remove your shirt and be nude from the waist up and still stop your pulse. These are little-known methods that most magicians don’t know.

This release teaches you how to use your pulse to reveal a selected card. A card is selected and a person takes your pulse and counts aloud. Suddenly, your pulse stops, incidentally at the value of the selected card. One of the most novel card revelations ever created. This is something your audiences have NOT seen before.

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Devin Knight – Foresight card

The magician holds up an envelope and says it contains a prediction. He asked a spectator to name any playing card. Performer says the named card is in the envelope. He removes an 8.5 x 11 inch picture that has the whole deck spread out. The performer says look, there is your card right there.

The audience laughs but isn’t impressed, so you ask the participant to just think of a card in the picture. No force. You then ask a second participant to also think a card in the picture.

Now for the amazing part, the performer immediately tells the first participant the card he is thinking of. He simply makes two comments about the card, both are correct (you are never wrong)and then names the card. You do this without any complex fishing. In fact you name the thought of card so quickly it will startle even magicians! The magician then points out that he has been wearing a CLEAR cardholder around his neck from the very start. You can see the back of a playing card inside it.

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