Two Places At Once By Dean Biggane

Welcome to the brand new effect I created! I have been working on this for quite a while and I am happy to have it released!

In this effect, you have two aces and in between the aces you have a prediction, and you wrap those three cards in an elastic band and give it to the spectator to hold on to, then you bring out a deck of cards and have the spectator shuffle the cards, then the spectator freely chooses any card, they remember the card and sign it!! the card is then returned back to the deck and shuffled even more, later on.. you remind the spectator about a prediction you have given them, they hand it to you and you remove the elastic band and you reveal that the card in between the aces that the spectator was holding onto the entire time, IS THEIR SELECTED AND SIGNED CARD!!

This is an amazing effect!! It gets great reactions and it is easy to learn!!!

I really hope you like it and would like to learn it!!

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