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From a shuffled and borrowed deck the spectator takes two packets, shuffles them and looks at the card on the bottom of each. The magician never touches the deck.
The spectator puts the packets back on top of the rest of the deck.
Under truly impossible conditions the magician is able to divine in which positions the chosen cards are.

Impromptu! With a borrowed shuffled deck!
A magician fooler!

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PredictOSong by Sachin.K.M(VIP)

A random Spectator puts on a headphone and plays his favourite song on youtube.
The Mentalist not only gets it right but also pulls a prediction with the name of the random spectator and the song he would play from inside his shoes.
No Assistant needed.
No Apps needed.
Works with a android phone. Not tested on ios.
Super easy to perform.
Watch the full uncut performance.
Note: Additional supplies will be needed to perform this effect.
Download & learn this stunning effect.

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Penguin Live Lecture – Mickael Chatelain

“Michael is one of the best creators of magic effects in the world!” -Paul Harris

“Mickael is one of our best magic creators. His effects are powerful, visual and clever. Get ready to be fooled and impressed!” -Boris Wild

Mickael Chatelain successfully creates and offers some amazing card gimmicks that allow us all to perform some minor miracles.” -Wayne Kawamoto

Mickael Chatelain’s creative mind and brilliant inventions have astounded audiences over the world. He will be sharing his best kept secrets and creations that have been developed over years of performing as a professional magician.

What will he teach?

Mental Parano
An incredible prediction under impossible conditions.

Painting Card
Change the color of any signed card!

Bill Flash Card
A visual transformation of a bank note into the spectator’s playing card!

Impossibly pass solid through solid in the spectators’ hands.

The Lane
A simple self-sticking label finds a freely selected card.

In Air
One of the fastest changes in the world! Four cards are transformed into four others in plain sight.

Here is a brand-new version of the Ambitious Card! Rather than leap to the top of the deck, the card is discovered under the cellophane of the card case!

The Ambitious Card, reworked by Mickael. A version that will surely fool you.

A chosen card is torn into four pieces in front of the spectator. The pieces melt together in full view!

Easily cause any coin to pass through any cellophane.

Drawings on your card box VISUALLY morph. Shocking and surreal

Know which card was removed from a deck in less than 5 seconds!

Zig-Zag Card
A unique take on a classic effect.

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Paradigm Shift by Simon Black.avi

The Paradigm Shift is Simon’s go-to way of controlling a selection anywhere in the deck. It is one of the smoothest card controls that we have encountered in a long time.

Simon Black is one of the most promising magicians from downtown Chicago. Well versed in both hard-core techniques and performance theories, Simon has the ability to create sleights that are sophisticated in construction and yet, seamless in execution.

The Paradigm Shift is Simon’s go-to way of controlling a selection to anywhere in the deck. It draws inspiration from the work of Bill Goodwin, Edward Hammond, Tony Chang, Paul LePaul and is an independent creation that has similarities in a control by Norman Beck. It is one of the smoothest card controls that we have encountered in a long time. With the Paradigm Shift, Simon solved a lot of the problems that he had with the Classic Pass. This shift is causal, angle proof and extremely deceptive.

In this download, Simon also shares 5 different applications that incorporate the Paradigm Shift. The color change, transposition, CAAN, Red & Black Separation, and Stock Exchange.

To quote Simon himself, “You will use the Paradigm Shift.”

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Out of Sight By Joshua Jay

Out of Sight - magic

For months–ever since Joshua Jay fooled Penn & Teller with “Out of Sight,” customers have been emailing us every day, asking when it will finally be ready. Friends, we have news for you. It’s ready!

The reason it took so long is that each deck takes nearly an hour to craft, by hand. All the cards are custom-printed, and the deck allows someone to think of ANY card in a deck. You tell them what card they thought of, you find their card, and ALL THE OTHER CARDS ARE BLANK.

Rarely does an effect come about that has a logical, intriguing presentation woven into the magic itself. In “Out of Sight” you explore what it would be like to perform magic for a blind person.

The effect is also ENTIRELY self-working. As in, there is not a single move in the entire routine. Once you understand how the deck works, the effect performs itself. You’re just there to present it.

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Lewis Le Val – Mentalism For Beginners(VIP)

Mentalism for Beginners by Lewis Le Val - YouTube

In this exclusive video course, Lewis Le Val will guide you step by step in learning how to begin performing the mysterious art of mentalism.

Mentalism is a performance art in which its practitioners, known as mentalists, appear to demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities…

You can do this too!

Starting with the absolute basics, you will learn how to seemingly read minds, influence the decisions of others and even predict the outcome of future events, and it’s a lot easier than you’d think.

All you’ll need is a standard deck of playing cards, a pen and some blank business cards available from any stationary supply store, as well as some extra household items you probably already own. Combined with expert teaching from Le Val, you will be fully equipped to begin ‘reading minds’ in no time!

After purchase, you will receive instructions on how to access the video course, which includes 10 (actually, 12) step by step video lessons teaching you everything you need to know to begin performing this incredible, unique and unforgettable form of entertainment.

“This is the course I wish I had when I was first learning mentalism” - Lewis Le Val.

Start learning today with the ultimate beginner’s guide to mentalism.

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Indirect Triumph By Joseph B(VIP)

INDIRECT TRIUMPH is an amazing triumph especially if you know the classic effect.
The cards are shuffled face up and face down and all come back in order except for three indicator cards which will tell us the positions of the chosen cards.
All this with a normal deck of cards!
The only move required is the Zarrow Shuffle. It's a very impactful effect for fellow Magicians as well.

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