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Ticking tac by Gustavo Raley(VIP)

Gustavo Raley presents a brand new effect with an innovative transformation system.

No black art, no threads, no camera tricks.

Hyper fast and visual! You can perform this live or in social networks, this system is designed not only to fool spectators but also cameras. It has the same impact even performed in slow motion or frame by frame.

Easy to do and it comes with two special gimmicks ready to use.

"Gustavo's trick is made for YOU!"
- Alexandra Duviviere

- George Iglesias from Twister Magic

"It's visual high impact magic that happens in the blink an eye! I love it"
- James Samuel - U.K.

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Playing coins by Gustavo Raley(VIP)

Are you ready to draw your imagination?

A brand new idea from the mind of Gustavo Raley and sold out at Blackpool Magic Convention 2023.

Chocolate coins will appear in different ways.

Playing Coins is an innovator device to appear chocolate coins and besides perform the classic coin penetration in your Kids shows.

You can hide up to six coins, regular, chocolate or even Poker chips.

The set included a video tutorial where you will learn all the possibilities of the awesome gimmick, and besides two plastic coins to rehearse the handling.

Leave a sweet memory in your audience with Playing Coins.

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Gnome’s Hat by Sebastian & TCC(VIP)

Before formally introducing this prop, let's discuss an old hackneyed topic in magic.

It is something that is often encountered when performing routines that use classic magic props, but it is often ignored: What in the world is this thing?

We do not mean merely describing the appearance of the prop, e.g. that it is a wooden box, or a metal stick, or tube made of leather, etc. Rather, how do we explain to the audience the reason for the existence of this object? After all, no one in the world, apart from magicians, has seen something like this in their entire life.

We would have to keep a straight face and justify that this is some mysterious magical object. Even if the audience does not suspect that this is just a prop or a toy, it may very well cause the audience's reactions to be somewhat lacking.

Although this concept is fairly simple, it is also a very important and basic theory in magic: We need a plot or reason to rationalize the props themselves.

Several months ago, we received a routine submission, which perfectly embodies the interpretation of the above theory, and finally breathed new life to the classic prop we know as the 'Leather Cone'.

This wonderful idea comes from the Chilean magician Sebastian -- The Gnome's Hat.

The basic routine is as follows:

A small leather cone is displayed and you explain to the audience that this is the hat of a Gnome (Dwarf, Fairy, Elf) and it has some magical properties. Whenever you put a coin under the hat, it will teleport one by one. After all the coins have been teleported, a little gnome appears from the hat.

You can also adjust the order of the patter as needed and only reveal that the leather cone is actually a gnome's hat after the gnome appears.

Sebastian has rationalized the 'leather cone' and applies it to coin magic very innovatively. However, unlike most coin magic that requires a lot of skillful sleight of hand, this hardly requires any difficult sleights.

For the sleight lovers, one could further expand the routine and add one's favorite moves to the routine as one sees fit.

In addition to coins, the leather cone is also suitable to use in the classic 'Mini Ball and Cone' routine, using a small 1-inch ball and the classic methods.

In terms of craftsmanship, we found a skilled craftsman to hand sew the leather cones using black vegetable-tanned leather.

The little gnome is made by photocuring 3D printing, which is also one of the production methods used in model figures. The appearance structure of the gnome has been carefully designed by Sebastian, which is well incorporated with the routine, and perfectly captures the adorable features of the little gnome.

Sebastian's original routine is included online instructional video, as well as additional handlings by Jay Wang.

  • Eye-catching Coin routine;
  • No difficult sleight of hand required;
  • Photo-curing 3D printed gnome;
  • Hand-stitched vegetable-tanned leather cone;
  • Online instructional video with multiple routines thought.

[Note: You will need to supply FOUR(4) of your own HALF-DOLLAR-sized coins. Another handling is also thought which requires a Half-Dollar Expanded Shell (Expanded Shell NOT included)]

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Universal Plunger – Mathieu Bich & Magic Dream(VIP)

We are happy to present to you Universal Plunger, the novelty signed Mathieu Bich in collaboration with Magic Dream!

Sold out during the Blackpool 2023 congress!

A great magic classic now back, in an improved version!

This small harmless accessory will become your asset to make incredible, funny, amazing and memorable effects!

The original effect:

A spectator announces a number. A simple suction cup on the card game that already this very unusual accessory takes exactly the number of cards announced! A spectator whisper with the suction cup the name of the card chosen and once again, it finds it by cutting in the right place! A turnkey routine with multiple twists and gags.


When this round was published for the first time, magicians around the world were not praised towards it. This exceptional, fun and amazing routine at will, is moreover, very easy to present.

In this very complete version, you will have two suction cups (one cleverly rigged and the other normal), as well as a Gimmick card called Aircard which will allow you to go even further in the effect. The potential of this routine is tenfold!

The small WC unblocker is provided in wood and not plastic.

You receive :

  • A gimmick suction cup;
  • A normal suction cup;
  • An Aircard (Gimmick card);
  • 1h30 of explanatory video in French with Mathieu Bich.

Strong points :

  • An unusual object with infinite comic potential;
  • Professional quality gimmicks;
  • Video tutorial of almost 1:30, in French, by Mathieu Bich;
  • The tour can now be done standing in closed-up conditions as well as on flat surfaces (no longer only on a carpet!);
  • Wooden handle (and not plastic).

Ask for a demonstration in store in Max (Fan N ° 1 of this effect that has become cult!). 😉

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Menny Lindenfeld – HYbNOSIS(VIP)

HYbNOSIS by Menny Lindenfeld & Shimi Atias | OFFICIAL TRAILER - YouTube

Video only

By Menny Lindenfeld & Shimi Atias

Self-working hypnosis without hypnosis!
TV performance rights included!
Limited edition & collectable item.

Introducing HYbNOSIS™ - the ultimate tool for performing MIND-BLOWING HYPNOSIS effects WITHOUT ANY FORMAL TRAINING!

HYbNOSIS™ was originally developed for a popular TV mentalism series. And has become a staple in both Menny Lindenfeld and TV mentalists Shimi Atias personal repertoires for the past decade. And now, you have the exclusive opportunity to EXPERIENCE ITS INCREDIBLE HYPNOTIC POWER FOR YOURSELF!

With HYbNOSIS™ you hold the power to "hypnotize" anyone, whether they're adults or children. And the best part? It's POWERFUL HYPNOSIS WITHOUT HYPNOSIS!

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Destination Box by Jon Allen (6344) - Dynamite Magic Shop

"I am amazed at your execution of the trick"Bruno Hennig

"Jon has done some wonderful work on the Card To Box plot. Superb!"Tommy Wonder

Let’s be real. There are a lot of Card To Box effects on the market. Most are variations of Bruce Hennig’s work. But, nothing has ever come close to Jon Allen’s incredible “Destination Box”.

It’s how Jon closes his close up shows. And It’s how our own Andi Gladwin closes his walkaround shows too, and we think you’ll feel the same way after you try it. It’s just impossible to do anything after this, because it is just so strong.

At the start of your act, you give someone an elegant, walnut box to hold. It is fastened closed by a metal lock and padlock. As an ending to any signed card routine, you unlock the box the spectator has been holding for the whole show to reveal another box inside. And inside that is, of course, the signed card.

Here are the important details:

  • The card inside the box is the signed card
  • There’s no switch
  • The box is 100% examinable
  • You can use any card back design (because there are no duplicates)

But, there’s more to this. You can use this box not only for that amazing ending to your show, but it is not limited to playing cards. You could use a bill if you’d prefer. You can use it for a Confabulation routine. It can even be used as a Headline Prediction.

This is stunningly well made, and looks and feels beautiful.

Jon Allen has been using this for 20 years, and we’re delighted to let you know it will finally be available again from next Monday (June 19th).

We don’t often promote pre-order items, but in this case, we do urge you to pre-order because it almost certainly will sell out, and at the time of writing, we’re unsure how many units will be made available to us.

  • Created from solid American black walnut
  • Solid brass hinges, hasp & staple with secure padlock
  • Unique design by Jon Allen
  • External dimension: 4.5" x 3" x 2" (120mm x 75mm x 55mm)
  • Internal flocking for added elegance
  • Extra specialised coating for added protection
  • Devious method makes the box 100% examinable
  • Pillbox included

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Jokers Love 2.0 with Wallet(VIP)

Finally, we can meet the best packet tricks from Korea again!

Joker's Love is a packet trick that can create impressive performances with a beautiful story using Jokers.

The Jokers in the trump card are trying to win the beauty Joker's heart. They try in many ways, and only one Joker is chosen by the beauty Joker!

So many magicians have loved this trick since Joker's Love was first released 10 years ago. This is because not only is it easy to learn and perform, but it is also fun for everyone to enjoy and watch, and it has a strong effect. Also, it was shown on TV and drew explosive reactions, so more people sought out Joker's Love.

And finally, Joker's Love is back. It's much more upgraded!

You can see the color version instead of the black and white version, and at the end, a cute baby Joker appears. And, the gimmick wallet is upgraded, too.

It's a beautifully completed routine after a lot of trial and error by Lenny.

The set includes:

  • A specially designed set of cards
  • Practical gimmick wallet (all the cards provided can be carried, so you can perform it right away at any time.)
  • A product manual
  • Video tutorial

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Enigma by Christian Grace(VIP)


“Enigma absolutely walloped me. Fantastic thinking and a killer effect.”
“An exceptional new mind reading system from a truly exceptional mind. This is absolute genius”
“This isn’t a game-changer. It’s the end of the game. Christian fucking won.”
“Enigma feels like actual mind reading.”
“When you think you’ve seen everything… Christian Grace shows you Enigma. This was one of those rare WTF moments”
“This is as close to the real thing as it gets”

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It's a handmade product.

"I have been using and teaching for a long time. The system that has been developed in the camouflage contained all. In social media content and stage magic, It can present strong effects and visual phenomena."

In the kit, you can learn a total of 11 sequences, QR code online instruction, 1 set of completed gimmicks and extra material that you can make your own gimmick (It's enclosed).

Kits are produced in limited quantities. Currently no plans for future reproduction.

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Bane by Jamie Daws (VIP)

A fun routine that will fill the stage with ten minutes of entertainment!


Jamie Daws's BANE is an effect designed for stand up, parlour or stage performances. This brilliantly entertaining whodunit style effect will give you eight to ten minutes or pure entertainment.

With Bane you will receive all the nessasary props neatly contained in a custom carry case.

Bane is easy to do, gets multiple spectators involved and is not only mind blowing but entertaining every step of the way!

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