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Digital Twin By SansMinds and Creative Lab

The closest thing to replicating a moment or an object is by taking a video or a photo.

But the moment and the object only stay in the digital world.

What if you can break the law of physics that goes beyond time and space and access the digital side for a moment?

Imagine borrowing a phone and recording a video of a bill with a unique serial number. All details are replicated digitally inside of a borrowed device. Now imagine for a split second, you force the door of the digital world to open, and you pull the bill into your own hand.

No special apps required on the phone
Use a borrowed phone
Use any paper base currency

TV rights NOT included with purchase. All TV rights reserved and available from SansMinds Magic only.

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Dan Hauss Flink Flop

Flink Flop is the perfect summer effect. Borrow an audience members flip flop and place it on top of your own. Curiously, you spin the flip flops in your hand and drop just one revealing that the straps are linked. Your audience can even tug to see that it is not just an illusion. So as not to leave your spectator barefoot you spin the flip flops once more to unlink them.

This effect is super fun and easy. Enjoy!

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Cody Nottingham – Changes

Cody Nottingham: Changes contains two of the cleverest sleight of hand color changes we’ve seen in a long time. They’re difficult, yet impressive changes where the cards are held out in the open so that you apparently can’t manipulate them.

As a bonus, we’ve included TOSS: Cody’s useful utility move that is fun to learn and experiment with.

You know our style—the filming is simple but completely clear. No weird editing, and nothing fancy. What’s important is that Cody has perfected three brand new techniques, and that he shares them in the clearest manner possible.

Running time: 20 minutes, 55 seconds.

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Colour Changing Deck by Ian Cranston(VIP)

Colour Changing Deck By Ian Cranston

Guest Item from Gumroad Magic Monthly by Christian Grace Ian Cranston is an extremely gifted card handler who considers his magic in a way that I appreciate. I’m very happy to welcome him on as a guest this month where he shares his version of a colour changing deck in the spectators hands.

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Sujat Mukherjee – NUMERO ZODIAC(VIP)

A scripted mathematical way to reveal the Zodiac Sign, Date of Birth and Month of Birth that
will leave your spectators astounded. 100% Bang on!
All the steps have a unique script to it that the process feels seamless and you will be able
to predict their zodiac 100% bang on every single time!
After telling the spectators how important numerology and zodiac signs are and their
significance you claim that you have found divinity in numbers and maths and you would
like to prove that with a simple experiment of calculation. Then you ask the spectator to
open his calculator and do exactly as you say. After the process is complete you would be
able to tell the spectator their zodiac sign, day of birth, and month of birth.

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Cinch by Shaun Robison

Cinch is a bill change that lives up to its name. Not only is Cinch one of the most visual bill switches you will ever see but it’s also one of the easiest you will perform. The Cinch bill switch is clever and uses a non traditional gimmick that makes the effect a breeze to perform. Unlike other effects where a bill instantly changes, Cinch takes very little time to set up and perform. We include everything you need to perform and with the super simple set up you can perform this almost instantly out of the box. Also included on the Cinch DVD are variations on the basic effect and additional PDF’s included to give some bonus ideas that will inspire even more creativity with this awesome gimmick. Creator and full time professional magician Shaun Robison teaches you in great detail on how to use Cinch to its fullest potential including the ultra easy way to hand everything out for examination.

Points To Remember


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Class Cartes Paris Magic by Bebel

What will he teach?

Bebel is an underground legend who produces some of the most stunning effects possible with cards. Honed on the streets of Paris, and shared for the first time here, Bebel gives you the full work on some of his stand out card magic. In addition to the effects, Bebel shares his performance theory as well as a discussion of improvisation within an act and within a trick. This lecture won’t just transform your magic, it will transform you.

1. Bento Sandwich– What begins as a sandwich effect then becomes an Everywhere and Nowhere with jokers and a selected card effortlessly transforming. The effect concludes with a surprise card to pocket and transposition of two jokers and the selected card.

2. Mabillon – The only way to describe this is a reverse six card repeat that you have to see to believe.

3. Le Tour du Père Noël – The cards come alive as the red aces change to the black aces then change again and yet again, then become the queens.

4. Big Bang – To say that this effect is simply the four aces visually change on the table into the four queens is to not do it the proper justice it deserves. This extremely visual transformation is taught in both a simple and complex version that are both the kind of eye candy Bebel is known for.

5. Take my heart transposition – An almost prediction effect where the suits of cards change places to match a thought of card that changes under the spectator’s hand. One of the most simple effects taught in the lecture is also one of the most elegant.

Who is he?

Bébel is already a legend in card magic.  He is an underground street performer in Paris, France where half the world is walking around. In an age where technological miracles make anything possible, it’s amazing to be able to astonish, amaze, and surprise with 52 pieces of cardboard which are as old as time. It’s incredible”. Bébel sets up under a large street lamp performing daily. He has been doing this since 1989.

– 1988 first prize in card magic at the AFAP (French Association of Conjuring Artists) magic convention;
– 1995 first prize, the "Golden Dove" award at Juan les Pins.
– His card magic can be seen at cabaret tables, in conference rooms across the world, in Achille Tonic’s productions with Shirley and Dino, and on TV shows such as “Null par Ailleurs” on the channel Canal + and “Vivement dimanche” presented by Michel Drucker.

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Chris Mayhew – Caandy

Chris Mayhew is back with another fantastic download.

We first saw Chris perform this amazing Any Card at Any Number at The Session 2010 where he fooled a room full of 100 magicians. Nobody had a clue how this clever routine worked and it became the hit of the convention.

It’s DEVILISHLY CLEVER, easy to learn, uses a normal deck, there’s no memorized deck work and no difficult sleights so hopefully you can see why we are particularly excited about this great card effect! Download it now.

Running time: 35 minutes, 10 seconds.

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Foundation by Rizki Nanda

This is what they said about Foundation!!

“Rizki’s Matchbox effects will ‘light up’ your performance, truly ‘striking’ magic!” – Dave forrest (Professional magician & Creator of new best seller effect called “LOXELY”)

“It’s really Amazing!! The Plus point it’s Impromptu!!” – Lyndon Jugalbot (Creator best seller effect “Unwritten”).

“A clever method for an impromptu suspension”- Oliver Smith (Creator best seller effect “Foresight”)

“I love it my brother, impromptu and examinable, your trick is really smart”- Laurent mikelfield (Creator best seller effect “Smiley”)

Foundation is a best solution from Rizki Nanda to break the law of gravitation anywhere and anytime only use a borrowed Matchbox and your single fingertip.
Place Any Matchbox on the edge of your single fingertip and with a little bit concentration you balance it.
This is a wizard ability because you use any borrowed Matchbox and don’t need anything like:
-No tricky your Nail
Best of All this is Impromptu and Easy to do!!

A perfect Closing or Opening effect for Any Matchbox’s routines and leave an examinable matchbox at the end!!

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Mark Strivings – Minuscule Mentalism(VIP)

A full-length exploration into the creation of miniatures 'sets' of mentalism material using thesimplest of props - a box of matches or a handful of coins.

Armed with nothing more than a box of matches or a small handful of coins, you can nowentertain your close up audiences with amazing demonstrations of mentalism. It's intimate. It'samazing.

But as is true of the vast majority of mentalism, this material doesn't have to exclusively be usedclose-up. With proper presentation virtually all of this material can be played to much largeraudiences if you wish. That said the properties involved are definitely small and extremelyportable. This is the kind of material that you can easily carry with you under any circumstancesand do anywhere.

This is worker material.

There are approximately 50 effects in these pages. Some deal specifically with matches, somedeal specifically with coins. Still others can be performed with either set of props. All of thismaterial is novel and like nothing that your audience will have ever seen before. Create yourown 'set'!

Altogether, this amazing tome weighs in at about 80 pages, comb bound in card covers.

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