250 Gags And Jokes For Comedy Magicians by Tadeu Magalhaes

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If you’re a magician and you’re getting tired of always doing the same jokes (like the one where people don’t take the invisible deck out of the box, or the one where you say things are gonna change places and change back)…

Well, then I’ve got great news!

Add these great 250 (and a few extras) gags and jokes to your arsenal so that you always have something funny to say! (that’s very useful to get yourself out of a tight situation sometimes)

This digital booklet will not only help you increase the entertainment value of your show, but also give you hundreds of options for misdirection by humor.

We all know comedy makes anything better, so take your magic to the next level by giving your spectators what they truly deserve: the funniest and most entertaining show possible!

“This is so good… I wish I had written it! … Oh wait… I DID!” – Tadeu Magalhães
“This is the best booklet for magicians EVER… PERIOD!” – Yara Magalhães (my mom)
“Wow… this is exactly what i was looking for!” – No magician ever


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