A New Angle Book by Michael Feldman and Ryan Plunkett

A New Angle - magic

A New Angle is filled with magician foolers, hard-hitting practical effects for laymen, and off-the-wall new ideas to springboard your own creativity. Many of the effects are all three of the above. That’s because the authors have dusted off a secret weapon that you probably already have buried in the back of your magic drawer: The Stripper Deck (AKA the Tapered Deck, Shaved Deck, Wizard Deck).

Written by Ryan Plunkett and Michael Feldman, photographed by James Murphy, designed by Heather Wood, edited by Susan Palmer Marshall and Pedro Nieves-Bosque, with a foreword by Lance Pierce, A New Angle contains more than twenty routines and concepts, with additional contributions by Harapan Ong, Edward Boswell, Nathan Colwell, Frank Fogg, and Brian O’Neill.

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