Adam Elbaum – Penguin Live

What will he teach?

The Visible Deck My versions of the Ultra Mental deck that make it much more impossible, more commercial, more versatile, and more impressive. The Visible Deck is more of a concept that you can customize to your liking, but I will offer several presentation suggestions.

Ambitious Routine/Reverse Cull My take on the Ambitious Card. Also taught is my version of the cull that is both easier than the Hoffsinzer cull and also truly invisible. Dan Harlan said it was worth the price of the lecture alone.

Moving Safely An ultra visual card effect inspired by Bannon’s “Tattoo You” where a drawing moves to the selected card. Very commercial!

AWE Struck Some new ideas on my trick AWE Struck. This is a dealer item.

The First Trick I Created A signed card with a torn corner travels to an impossible location. I will also teach my corner switch that has gotten great feedback and have been told “is worth the price of the lecture alone.”

Divide and Conquer The spectator finds their own selected card through a series of very fair choices narrowing the deck down to just 1 card.

WTF Card to Pocket A thought of card vanishes from under a spectators hand and appears in the magicians pocket in the most magical way. This looks like TV style magic live, but without camera tricks.

IPhone Without My Phone A perfect impromptu trick for kids, where you visually pull a coin out of the photograph on a borrowed phone.

Levitation I will teach some ground breaking ideas for stripping out thread, storing it, disproving the use of strings, and ways to make the levitation look more magical.

Download : UPLOADGiG

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