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Adam is one of the most creative magicians alive today with an arsenal of his own magic trick inventions and props that stun on every stage. In addition to fooling small crowds at parties with close-up magic, he also has the commanding, energetic presence to captivate huge crowds from a large stage. Adam combines the art of mentalism, sleight of hand, and illusions with approachable, classy comedy that everyone will love.

  • Adam Wilber – Earbuds
  • Adam Wilber – The Working Man
  • Solved By Adam Wilber.wmv
  • The Worker Pt 1 by Adam Wilber
  • The Worker Pt 2 by Adam Wilber
  • How to do Miracle Card Tricks by Adam Wilbe rvol.1
  • How to do Miracle Card Tricks by Adam Wilber vol.2


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