Apollo by Winson Lee

Apollo by Winson Lee

This is an utility move that consist of a color change, a control and a switch!

What you will be learning:

1. The color change is done one-handed while spinning the card back and forth and the best part is that the card never completely leave your sight. It gives that extra retention!

2. The control happens while you seemingly put the selected card in the middle of the deck and while squaring up the selected card, the card has been controlled to the top.

3. The switch is pretty similar to the control, the card is placed in the middle out-jogged but the fact is that it has been switched long before that.

But just before we get into the tutorial, I just wanted to clear things up. A few of you has messaged me and told me that this move has been done before. Most people relate this to the Jones Change by Dan and Dave! And if you have been following the release of this, I have mentioned that this move is inspired by the Jones Change and I would like to give credits to Dan and Dave for inspiring me to create this move! But again, like I said, though they look similar but the methods are completely different!

And I have also been told recently that this is exactly the same as the Spin Change by Jay Noblezada, the OHS change by Dan Garret and the Revolution Change by Paul David! And After a little research, I do admit they looks extremely similar but not entirely the same. The most noticeable differences I found is the way the bottom card is palmed out and both of their version has a way to align the two cards back as one and the change could be done repeatedly.

Though this is something I created independently, but I would want to give credit to Jay Noblezada, Dan Garret and Paul David for my move looking so similar to theirs. So be sure to check out their work too!

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