Ben Salinas – Encyclopedia of Sponge Balls

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Sponge ball magic is some of the most powerful magic a magician can perform!

With this fabulous DVD of instructions, tricks, tips and routines, you’ll have tons of material at your fingertips to make the Sponge Balls the hit of your show.

The Sponge Balls are always a favorite with audiences.
Why? Because much of sponge ball magic looks IMPOSSIBLE!
Once you know these secrets you can make sponges appear and disappear, multiply in people’s hands, spring out of boxes that seem much too small to hold them, and so much more.

Best of all, many of the moves you will learn here can be done with ordinary objects at a moment’s notice.
Want to do a magic trick but you don’t have any props with you?
Not a problem!
Once you know these secrets, you can pick up a ball of paper and you are good to go!

Ben Salinas – Encyclopedia of Sponge Balls

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