Blake Vogt – Six Outs

When Blake performed his routine with “Six Outs” at Magifest 2019, a packed room of hundreds of magicians audibly gasped. It seemed too impossible, almost as if it was stooged… but it wasn’t.

“Six Outs” is a gimmick which allows you to reveal six totally different pieces of information on what looks like a single sheet of card.

Here’s an example of what you can do with it: Have a spectator take out their phone, their wallet and their ring. You ask them to take one to put in their pocket, the other they hold in their hand, and the other, you tell them to balance on their head. They make all of the decisions. Of course, you predict exactly what decisions they made as you open up your prediction and show the audience. Of course, this is just one routine possible. The gimmick comes blank so you can write on it whatever you want, in any language!


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