Blake Vogt – Split Sessions V4 -Acrobatic Cards

Learn how to make your own acrobatic flap cards. In the fourth volume of Split Sessions, follow along while Blake takes you through over an hour of detailed instruction how to make your very own acro cards. Blake will teach you how to make back changers, face changers, double and triple changers, polaroid changers, jumbo card changers, and acro cards that can change on command… hands free! Buy this video tutorial today and add an incredible skill to your arsenal. This is Split Sessions volume 4: Acrobatic Cards.

(Blake highly recommends you have seen and mastered Split Sessions volume 1 and 2 before attempting the things taught in this volume. Volume 3 knowledge is not needed for this as it only involves dollar bills.)

Blake Vogt – Split Sessions V4 -Acrobatic Cards


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