Brent Braun – Position Impossible

Vanishing Inc. Magic - Position Impossible by Brent Braun | Facebook

A card is selected – and ANY number is named, 1 through 52. They can even change their mind. No matter what – their card is found at that exact number, every single time.

A card at any number that you will start using IMMEDIATELY.

Position Impossible is a card at any number that is as devious as it is practical, and it’s extremely easy to learn. Absolutely no memorization, mathematics, sleight of hand, switches, sticky substances, or rough and smooth principles involved.

It’s this clean every time with no need to displace, move, or hide any cards. The spectator names ANY number and the selected card is always at that exact number; never one before or after, but ALWAYS at that exact number.

Link : Info
Download : UPLOADGiG

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