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  • Hector Chadwick – Miscellanea

    Miscellanea - Hector Chadwick

    ector Chadwick is a pseudonym.

    The man behind the pseudonym is co-writer of Derren Brown shows such as Svengali, Apocalypse, The Great Art Robbery, and The Push.

    Miscellanea’ contains a small collection of essays in which Hector discusses overused and thoughtless lines in magic, the abundance of words in most mentalism shows, and how to ensure the memory of a trick can’t be casually explained away.

    It also contains two tricks: the opening routine from Hector’s old stage show, and an impromptu card trick involving the prediction of a single playing card.

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  • Jose Prager – Duplica

    DUPLICA by Jose Prager (Digital Version) – e-Mentalism

    Duplica by José Prager is a perfectly pure method for reading minds.

    Using just an index card, an envelope, a pen and the knowledge in this manuscript, you will be set to create a devilishly deceptive moment of mystery at any time.

    José has refined this method through many years of performance and in stripping away all the unneccessary movements and illogical elements of some popular techniques, Duplica was born.

    – No impression devices

    – No Flaps

    – No holes or slits

    – No transparency 

    – Perform surrounded

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    “Small details make perfection, but perfection is no small detail.” -Michelangelo
    Often the smallest of nuances can elevate your performance from an amusing diversion to an astonishing piece of powerful mind reading. Adivina delivers three such subtleties that will enhance the impact of your performances and help you establish yourself as a true seer in the eyes of your audiences.
    Jose Prager, Lewis La Val, and Drew Backenstoss team up to give you a variety of strategies that will allow you to seemingly predict occurrences completely outside of your control. Within this concise eBook you will learn:
    The Broken Glass
    Prove that you knew when a glass would be accidentally broken during your performance and who would break it.

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  • Goats Grimoire by Jose Prager

    From the mind of José Prager comes an exclusive collection of nine all-new, fully-scripted, high-impact mentalism routines and five diabolically-clever utility devices. Each one of these routines and devices has been developed and engineered by Mr. Prager himself, and tested and refined across thousands of performances.

    But it gets even better: mentalists extraordinaire Luke Jermay and Peter Turner have each contributed their own truly killer ideas, tips and spins to this unique collection of A-list material. Collaborations in mentalism simply don’t get any better than this! The result? Nine routines that hit hard — very hard — and five utilities you’ll immediately add to your working arsenal to produce jaw-dropping miracles on stage, in close-up rooms, at bars…and even in one-on-one performances!

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  • The Man Who Knows How To Amuse And Mystify by Jose Prager

    The Man Who Knows How To Amuse And Mystify by Jose Prager (Digital Ver –  e-Mentalism

    “It is amazing cover to cover. Brilliant ideas and clear explanation of execution. I expect to add several to my formal and informal performances. Jose is a mentalists dream producer.” -Marc Salem

    “I’ve been reading Jose’s ideas for years and have always been impressed with his thinking. This is a fantastic collection of clever routines, devious methods and strong presentations. Make sure you read the chapter on reveals as it will make ALL your mentalism more impactful. Overall a great book by a clever thinker.” –Marc Paul

    “Having not only read, but contributed to José’s masterpiece “TMWKHTAAM”, I can attest to the strength and practicality of the routines and concepts explored in this tome. 

    Between these leaves; You will find a vast plethora of ideas that will easily and effectively slot right into your act, without creating chaos… except for in the minds and the reactions of your audiences. 

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  • Harry Lorayne – Best Of Friends ( 3 Vol)

    Best of Friends Volume 1 - magic

    These 560 pages are crammed full of good to great to terrific magic. By great people. Over 120 card effects, routines, ideas-including Ace Sandwich, Future Change, Fast Stack, Sum Hummer, Fascinating Pair, Sweet Four-Card Change, Vanishing Aces, Strategy, Unshuffled, Reversatility, That`s Incredible, Miracle Time, Force Feed…from people like Tom Mullica, Martin Nash, Larry Jennings, Charles Hudson, Terry Lagerould, Tom Craven, Ed Marlo, Allan Ackerman, Ken Krenzel, Phil Goldstein, Herb Zarrow, J.K. Hartman, Jim Swain, Paul Gertner, Jon Racherbaumer, Bob Farmer, Bernard Bilis, and many more. You`ll even find some effects and routines of my own. And you`ll enjoy the short biographies of some of your favorite people. – Harry Lorayne

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  • Mike Powers – Power Plays

    Power Plays was voted book of the year on the Magic Café and was runner up book of the year in the Magic Industry Awards.

    The book contains 20 “Impromptu Card Mysteries”; 12 “Mathematical Mysteries”; 10 “Prepared Card Mysteries”; 11 “Coin Mysteries”; and 6 “Miscellaneous Mysteries”

    Lots of card magic but also mentalism, coins, rubber bands, drinking straws, paper money and other types of magic.Download Link

  • Paul Vigil – Classic Fantastic

    From the foreword:
    I first met Paul Vigil at my Las Vegas home thirteen years ago, and we soon became fast friends and magical confidants. During our first session I realized that he was a far more skillful and inventive magician than I initially had imagined him to be. Over the years we have spent many nights discussing magic and developing sleights, methods, moves, subtleties and effects. Paul is an adroit practitioner of our art, and his magic, if carefully studied, will provide you, the reader, with material that could make you a stellar performer, too.

    This booklet contains a collection of four classic effects from the repertoire of a professional working magician – magic that’s audience tested and carefully explained in complete detail, including plot lines and structure.

    “The Multiple Selection” has been a feature effect of a great many performers, but unlike most routines (which rely on a series of rather quick, slick flourishes for the revelations) Paul’s opening entry is a very magical handling that comprises eight startling effects. In addition, following the informative text, Paul explains how to cut the routine down to accommodate smaller groups of participants.

    Price This Book : 200$  But free for member Uploadgig Here

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  • Karl Fulves – The Magic Book

    Product details

    • Item Weight : 14.4 ounces
    • Paperback : 195 pages
    • ISBN-13 : 978-0316296304
    • Publisher : Little, Brown; 1st edition (January 1, 1977)
    • Language: : English

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  • Richard Kaufman – The Complete Works Of Derek Dingle

    Complete Works Of Derek Dingle - Book: Spielzeug

    Time Magazine has called Derek Dingle “…the greatest card manipulator extant,” and from his television appearances with Tom Snyder, Dick Cavett, Barbara Walters, and Mike Douglas to his many contributions to Genii, Apocalypse, The Pallbearer’s Review, Epilogue, and Innovations he has consistently proven Time to be correct.

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