Amir Mughal – Mail Delivered(VIP)

Imagine that at the beginning of your performance, you send a prediction email to the spectator which they can check and acknowledge.

Then when your routine is finished, the spectator reads the email (the same email sent to them at the beginning of performance) and the prediction matches with whatever choices spectator has made during the routine.

This is a Super direct piece of mentalism that will allow you to predict anything in an impossible condition.

• Can be performed both virtually and in person.
• You can use your own email address and any mail service can be used to send email.
• Email can be sent to the spectators phone / tablet / computer / notebook.
• Email can be fully customized.
• No custom magic app.
• No forcing.
• Works on both iPhone and Android Phones.

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Kyle Purnell – Penguin Live Lecture(VIP)

What will he teach?

Elimination Experiment- An impossible 2 phase ESP effect with a super satisfying method that leaves you completely clean at the end.

Impenetrable- The 100% impromptu pen through bill that you never knew you’ve been dying to perform!

Slo Mo TNR- One of the most visual torn corner effects…ever. Did we mention that it’s impromptu?

Soft Spreadable Jamwich- The classic two card transpo gets an impromptu make-over…and a kicker.

Tunnel Transpo- The most fun trick to perform of the lecture…It just feels good!

Daley’s Nightmare- The classic effect built into a practical packet trick with an unforgettable ending.

Best of Luck- A card is remembered. A number is thought of. Before anything is named out loud, the magi sticks a joker into the deck under the thought of number of cards, and right beside selected card!

Miss Terry Card- Kyle’s most direct and practical approach to Mystery Card ever… Get ready to bust those knuckles.

Cash Grab- Grab a deck, borrow a dollar, and leave your spectator with an absolutely unusual and impossible souvenir!

Who is he?

Kyle Purnell has been performing the art of magic for the last decade and a half. He lives to be a unique force in the magic community, creating practical methods and engaging effects with the close up worker in mind, with some of his current creations gaining notoriety from some of the most well respected names in magic.

This lecture is all about the concept of method. What do you prioritize as a method? What are you willing to sacrifice to make the magic happen? Is there a such thing as a perfect method?

Kyle will delve deep into these questions by teaching his underground routines, methods, and discoveries that he uses at paid gigs, residencies, and to floor magicians at conventions. It’s by no coincidence that every single one of these routines is completely gimmick free!

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You handover cards with celebrities’ names written on it to the spectator. Spectator then generates a random number with SIRI. Spectator has free choice on whether to select this random number or to generate a new random number.

Whatever number the spectator chooses, the magician then asks the spectator to deal down that number of cards on the table.

And when the spectator turns over the card they stopped at, it matches the prediction lying in front of them the whole time.

Best part is Spectator does all the work. They hold the iPhone, generate the numbers, and deal down the cards. You do not need to touch the iPhone or the Cards once you give it to them!

Cards with different words written on them are given to the spectator. Spectator then deals down the cards one by one onto the table and they can stop at any card they want (free choice).

Now the spectator generates two random numbers with SIRI, the first number is used for the page number and the second number is used for paragraph and word number.

Spectator then finds the corresponding word in the book on the numbers generated by them.

Whatever WORD spectator locate in the book, it matches perfectly with the word written on the card they stopped at earlier.

Spectator freely chooses a playing card. You then ask SIRI to generate a random playing card. When the spectator’s chosen card is flipped over, it matches with the random card shown by the SIRI.

Spectator generates a random number with SIRI. They can even change the number multiple times. The card at their chosen number perfectly matches with the prediction.

⦿ Works for IOS Devices only.
⦿ Effects can be customized.
⦿ Easy to perform.

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iLevel Pro by Mark Elsdon & Hanson Chien(VIP)

In 2013, Mark Elsdon created and released iBalance, which allowed you to balance a borrowed cellphone on your fingertips.

But that trick became obsolete, as the gimmick doesn't work with any current cellphone. Therefore, with the cooperation with Mark Elsdon, we have created a brand new version - iLevel Pro.

The brand new iLevel Pro gimmick will work with any smartphone. Also, its gimmick is much more invisible. You can even use it to balance other objects, such as power bank, AirPods and so on.

We also provide a container to you to carry the gimmick anywhere.

Most importantly, the new gimmick is not like the old one. It’s easily to repair and we give you everything you need, make sure you can use this gimmick for a long time.

Get ready to take your phone magic to the next level!


"This looks so fair and genuine! Everyone you encounter has a phone nowadays so this is the perfect trick to always have on you when someone says "Show me a trick?" It's a must buy!"

Angelo Carbone

"Defy gravity at the proverbial drop of a hat! iLevel Pro works with every device. Genius!"

Ben Harris

"iLevel Pro is exactly the kind of effect I like to perform. Visual, mysterious, and super smart. Thanks for updating this beauty. Just a gorgeous piece of wonder!"

Jonathan Friedman

"I love it! iLevel Pro is my new go-to when anybody asks to see me do some magic. It's so visual and super practical to perform!"

Marc Oberon

"iLevel Pro is absolutely amazing! This is magic of the highest order... I’m really proud to perform it too! Highly recommended!"

Mickael Chatelain

"A refreshingly visual moment of astonishment with an object so common it would be hard to find a time when you weren’t able to perform it! Why would you NOT want to buy this? It is surely the biggest no-brainer of the year!"

Nicholas Einhorn

"My all time favorite effect with a borrowed phone is back with a vengeance! Mark and Hanson have smashed it. Simply beautiful!"

Roddy McGhie

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Presage by Ethan Zack and Michael Blau(VIP)

PRESAGE: noun: A sign or warning that portends or foreshadows a future event.

Presage is a devious tool allowing you to predict a thought of word or card. From the minds of Michael Blau & Ethan Zack, two up and comers in the magic world comes a device which can be used in a plethora of commercial & casual routines. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a hobbyist, Presage is easy to use and guarantees a maximum reaction every time! With bonus performances and tips by Chris Ramsay and detailed explanation on the simple gimmick construction, you’ll be performing this minutes after learning the method.

  • No thumb writing
  • No switches
  • No sleight-of-hand required
  • Great for an opener or closer for strolling
  • Can be used to predict words, numbers, cards etc…

Be two steps ahead of your spectators at all times so you can concentrate on what matters… being a badass.

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Christian Grace – Level One(VIP)

The Hit of Blackpool 2019. Easily make the deck disappear with a simple gimmick.

Level One by Christian Grace is a gimmick that allows you to progressively vanish ANY deck of cards. This completely sold out at Blackpool 2019 and has not been available since.

Holding a deck of cards, you give a gentle shake, and half of the deck seems to melt into thin air. With another shake, the rest of the deck vanishes, leaving you with just one card: the spectator’s selection!

The last card can immediately be handed out for examination. There is nothing to find; it’s a normal playing card.

Consider these points:

  • You end clean. The last card can be fully examined.
  • It’s easy to do. It will take just a short time to learn how to use the gimmick.
  • There are no angle restrictions. You can perform Level One surrounded.
  • The last card is completely examinable.
  • There are no flaps, threads or magnets. You receive a solid-state gimmick. It will never break.

Package includes Level One gimmick and online instructions.

“Incredibly visual and convincingly magical!”
– Cyril

“The best deck vanish that I’ve ever seen.”
– David Berglas

“Best thing I’ve seen this year… Level One will be part of every magician’s arsenal.”
– Marvin Berglas

“Level One is the perfect illusion.”
– Michael Vincent

“I LOVE IT… I just want to brainstorm with this all day.”
– Lloyd Barnes

“Looks like real magic and it’s so much fun to play with!”
– Andrew Frost

“…I’ve just seen Christian perform Level One and I LOVE it. It’s fantastic. Damn, I wish I came up with the idea first.”
– Tom Elderfield

Level One is a game-changer!”
– Ollie Mealing

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Christian Grace – INSTINCT(VIP)

INSTINCT – A ‘hands off’ style trick whereby the spectator blindly cuts to a random card that they are then able to somehow know using instinct. This is a direct piece of hard hitting magic/mentalism that’s simple and easy to do.

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Christian Grace – Skiller(VIP)

SKILLER – A pseudo demonstration of advanced memory, accurate estimation and card control. A selected card is located in one cut from a deck that has been cut and shuffled by the spectator. Immediately after, you proceed to locate the matching four of a kind.

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