Mark Lemon & Peter Turner- The Royal Road to Mentalism 1(VIP)

“There isn’t a magician alive that wasn’t fooled by this effect when Pete performed it to them.

…And the method is disgustingly simple.”


  • They shuffle.
  • They cut.
  • They pick any packet.
  • You’re not looking or peeking.
  • They take any card (no key card)
  • The piles are shuffled (no stack)
  • They put it back in any pile they want… However many cards down they want.
  • They shuffle as much as they want (no estimation)
  • You take the deck back…


The effect described above is available to learn in Volume #1 of The Royal Road to Mentalism.

It can be also done with billets or index cards – it’s not limited to just playing cards.

It’s interesting because, to a magician, a card trick is a card trick.

But to a mentalist, a card trick is a demonstration of an incredible ability – that just happens to use cards.

The methods may be the same, but the presentations are worlds apart.

This means that by knowing basic mentalism techniques, nuances and presentations, you’ll be able to take existing sleights and methods that you may already know and create limitless performance pieces out of them.

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Roberto Giobbi – Red Card(VIP)

“It’s not often you get a pro’s closer, but Giobbi’s fantastic isolated thought is here; a great script with audience participation and an amazing effect rolled into one.” – Paul Vigil

“This has been one of my most closely guarded effects in my professional repertoire. With it I have fascinated laypeople and baffled magicians around the world. If I had to keep just three tricks in my working repertoire, “The Red Card” would be one of them. I consider it one of my masterpieces, and in the explanation, which really is a mini-lecture, I do not hold back anything: You get all it takes to astonish and entertain any audience at the highest level.” – Roberto Giobbi

“I recall the first time I saw Roberto Giobbi perform The Red Card. I was left with no explanation. Every solution I had was taken away. It fooled me completely. Roberto designed this effect to be the closer for his stand-up card act. Now it can be yours as Roberto is finally releasing this closely guarded secret.” – Tim Trono

“When I saw the performance, I thought I was on familiar ground. But Roberto has added a twist to the method that creates new possibilities, and some psychological touches to the presentation that make the effect particularly strong.” – David Britland

“A true miracle, with the masterful treatment of Roberto. The thorough explanations are full of wisdom that will lead our magical thinking into wonderful directions.” – Rafael Benatar

“I am not embarrassed to admit that I had no clue how Roberto Giobbi’s The Red Card was accomplished. And after learning the secret, I now know that the method is so well hidden beneath a plethora of layers, that intellect nor experience alone can comprehend the secret. This is a CLASSIC!” – Christian Engblom

Roberto Giobbi’s Red Card is a masterpiece of mental card magic. This trick comes straight from Roberto’s professional repertoire where he has used it as his closer for years and this effect has fooled some of the brightest minds in magic. Now, you can use it to devastate your audiences with no sleight of hand, no forces, and no sticky cards. This is Red Card by Roberto Giobbi.

Here’s what happens:

The performer displays a single red card in a glass as well as a blue-backed deck that can be displayed on the front and the back. The red card is placed onto the blue deck and then cut into the deck. The audience collectively chooses a card. What they say is what they get. The card they choose is the card that is removed from the deck. Impossibly, the card the audience selected is the red card.

Red Card comes with a very special deck that does the work for you so that you can focus on the presentation and entertainment. The true method of this effect is layered psychological touches and presentational elements that make this an extremely powerful and deceptive effect. When you combine these with the special deck, your audience doesn’t have a chance. Both the glass and the card the audience selects can be examined, and the card the audience selects can be different from performance to performance. You will also receive a bonus routine and gimmick for an alternate version of Red Card that Roberto has been lecturing on for years. This truly is a masterclass in performing a real mental miracle with a deck of cards. This is the show stopper your audiences have been waiting for. This is Red Card by Roberto Giobbi.

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Jack Tighe – Puffin Shuffle(VIP)

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD – Jack Tighe’s Puffin Shuffle is truly a thing of beauty. A full deck, totally false shuffle. It looks SO natural/casual, yet not a single card changes place. Once you’ve learn this (easy to master sleight) it WILL be your go to false shuffle.

Like all the best false shuffles it has a flow and relaxed handling that draws zero attention. Just watch the video of Jack performing it, and see if it looks ‘legit’ to you!!!!

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Craig Petty – Quantum Deck(VIP)

“Quantum Deck” from Craig Petty might just be the holy grail of the Card at Any Number plot. This is as clean and straightforward as it gets. If you had actual magic powers, this is how you’d perform this iconic classic of magic.

Listen, we get it. Magic and hyperbole go together like peanut butter & jelly or Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin. But, what we are about to describe is truly what happens—as hard as it might be to believe.

You should probably watch “Quantum Deck” in action first though. Check out the full performance in the trailer before reading any further. While you do, please keep two things in mind:

  • The number is freely named
  • The “Quantum Deck” is examinable at the end

Welcome back.

We hope you actually took the time to watch the video. If you did, you’ll understand what we meant about having to see it to believe it. That being said, we’ll do our best to sum it up in words.

What is “Quantum Deck”?

A deck of cards that is clearly blank on both sides is introduced. You let your spectator know that there is only one card printed in this blank deck of cards and the spectator is going to tell you exactly where it is. All they have to do is name a number. This playing card can even be signed if you’d like.

You then cleanly deal down cards, clearly showing every playing card is blank on both sides as you do. They can burn your hands if they want. When you reach their number, they won’t believe their eyes when they see that the only printed playing card in the whole deck resides precisely at the number they chose.

This is strong enough on its own. But, the fact you can then hand the cards out for examination takes “Quantum Deck” to another planet.

  • No equivoque
  • No deck switch
  • No complicated sleight of hand
  • No difficult math
  • The card truly is at the number they named
  • The deck can be examined
  • Instant reset

It might seem too good to be true. But, it is true. They freely name any number and the playing card is at that position. It’s about as close to real magic as possible.

However, this is still a magic trick. So, there is a method. And we feel it’s important to let you know that while they can freely name any number, if they chose an unusually low or small number, you may need to gently nudge them toward a more workable number. By simply suggesting that you both know their card is closer to the middle, you can discreetly coerce them into “trusting their intuition” and freely naming another number that’s slightly larger or smaller. Everything is extremely fair. And, in many cases, the fact they changed their mind makes things seem even more impossible.

Are the cards really examinable?

“Quantum Deck” uses an ingenious principle built into the special deck of cards that takes care of nearly all the hard work for you. And, yes, to reiterate—despite the fact it’s a special deck of cards—you can confidently allow your audience to examine “Quantum Deck”.

That’s one of the many things we love about this effect. But we want to be very transparent with you: the spectators are TECHNICALLY examining a deck that a very astute magician might notice is “gimmicked” after close examination. But, the way Craig has carefully developed this deck allows laypeople to unwittingly handle the deck without finding anything. (If you’re new to magic, you may find this a little nerve-wracking the first time you do it, but, trust us, we’ve experimented with it and think it’s really smart.) Craig even shares a way that you can prepare the deck to potentially fool your magician friends.

Everything is covered in the four hours of instruction, which includes a full hour of live performances both close-up and on stage, as well as in virtual magic shows. You’ll learn multiple bonus routines, ideas and handlings, including how the “Quantum Deck” isn’t restricted to just Card at Any Number. You can perform transpositions, predictions, comedy routines or even use it as a forcing deck. In fact, you don’t even need a playing card at all and can instead use a credit card, business card or even a slip of paper.

This is a super practical worker. It resets in seconds and is perfect for table-hopping close-up magic and street magic, while also playing large enough for stage or parlor magic.

It’s no surprise why some of the smartest minds in magic were truly blown away by how genius “Quantum Deck” is:

“That’s awesome!”Shawn Farquar

“Dude… my mind is blown right now.”Damien O’Brien

“Mr Craig Petty, I have no idea.” Kyle Purnell

“Yeah, I have absolutely no idea, Craig. That’s really, really good.”Marc Oberon

“Quantum Deck” is one of Craig Petty’s most cherished creations and he’s thrilled to finally share it with you.

Get your “Quantum Deck” today

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Joseph B – OK!(VIP)

This effect is a real weapon to amaze the spectator.
Imagine asking someone to think of a card, lose the thought card in the middle of the deck and you are able to reveal its exact position! Conditions are impossible because the magician always looks away!
Really powerful!
For colleagues too, it is a magician fooler! Watch the full performance!

Everything with a NORMAL DECK

NO Gimmick

Download Now!

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Apollo Riego – Penguin Live Lecture(VIP)

“Apollo is a polished performer with some wonderfully creative ideas! It would be in your best interest to pick this up, study it, and apply these ideas to your own act!” -Michael O’Brien

“Apollo is a rare breed in magic. Mixing his modern style with vintage mechanics, Apollo creates truly unique moments of magic. Taking street magic style and making it play well on stage is difficult… yet Apollo nails it every time!” -John Stessel

“Great touches on classic routines. A worker’s delight!” -Joshua Messado

“I’ll put it simple … lf you’re searching for serious magic from a serious creator … your search is OVER!” -Doug Edwards

What will he teach?


Card Manipulations:

Deck production- A silk handkerchief is produced from a piece of flash string then a card box with a full deck is produced with the flick of the handkerchief.

Card Fanning- One-handed circular fan and a one handed “S” fan. Split Fans with some personal touches.

Single Productions- The right and the wrong way to do it

Boomerang Card- A lot of fun and definitely an attention grabber.

Toss-up Fan Production and the Boomerang Fan Production Variation– A single card is thrown in the air and turns into a fan of cards as it is caught.

Front Hand Split, the Perfect Production and the Tenkai Vanish with Aquitment

Cards From Mouth


Bank’d- A chance for the spectators to take home some prizes but unfortunately, they are booby prizes except for one! The prizes consist of a “mini ziploc bag”, a quarter, a rubber band, “wishing paper”, a business card and a $100 bill. Of course with the magician wanting to keep the final prize, he ends up with the $100 bill.

Celebrity Mental Choice- The magician gives a person another chance to win the hundred so he asks the person to choose one of five celebrity photos from a game spinner. They can choose to spin it or simply point the arrow to the celebrity of their choice. Whichever one they pick, the magician presents a prediction that has been made before the start of the show. Of course, the magicians still keeps the $100 bill.

Lickety Splits- Using one of the prizes from the last routine, the quarter this is a highly visual coin splitting routine. Once 4 quarters are produced, he returns the quarter to the spectator which now flows into the next routine.

A.R.C.A. (Apollo Riego’s Coins Across)- Coins audibly and visibly travel from the hand into an empty card case one at a time.

Reboot- Apollo’s version of a Paul Harris classic known as Reset.

Triplicity- This is a real reputation maker. 3 predictions are made within a deck of cards ahead of time but spectators are asked to choose 3 different cards. It is their choice whether they want to hide, keep, or give away each selection. All predictions match with each card saying hide, keep, and give.

Deliberation Papercut- An extremely sharp razor blade sealed inside one of 6 envelopes. A volunteer is asked to hold each envelope out and the magician starts to clap and crush each envelope attempting to avoid the blade. A truly nerve racking game of Russian Roulette. $100 Bill Russian Roulette variation can be used with the same plot except the envelopes are cut with a pair of scissors.

Who is he?

Apollo Riego has been creating magic since 2003 and now it’s time to share some of his effects to the magic world! Turning pro at the age of 16, Apollo has been performing in New York City from the streets to the stage. Having a background in close up and stage magic, this lecture is sure to have something for everyone. After appearing on television several times in multiple commercials and releasing best selling effects in the magic community, including Deliberation, which hit #1 best seller on Penguin Magic, it’s now time for Apollo Riego’s Penguin Live Lecture!

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Colorscope by hanson Chien(VIP)



Patrick Redford expanded the mathematical principle of Martin Gardner and Karl Fulves, and arrived at something brilliant to work with four objects. The principle originally appeared in 2004 as part of the project Ensconced Fundament. Patrick have a ton of work with this principle which include “Quartet”, ”Tetrad Squared" and “Four Top" etc. I first saw the routine “Coin Claw” from his wonderful book Heptagon+ and fell in love with the principle. I would like to thank Patrick for his consent to include Tetrad Force in this project. Full credits go to Patrick Redford, Martin Gardner, and Karl Fulves.

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Craig Petty & Alakazam Magic – Playlist(VIP)

From the Alakazam Creator Of The Year 2021 Craig Petty comes a brand new addition of our wallet series.

Playlist is not just a one trick pony. As with almost all of Craig’s effects he has gone to town with this one.

Craig has taken the idea of the free music download card (the type of thing you find in coffee shops are service stations) and created a 10 -15 minute close-up act out of them.

This cleverly designed set allows you to perform match up effects, prediction effects, and even wild card style effects all with innocent looking music cards.

Craig truly is a monster when it comes to creating effects that work in the real world with items that look organic.

Playlist comes complete with all the custom designed cards and a full tutorial video where Craig teaches you a whole host of killer routines and applications.

Plck up your Playlist today, add it to your wallet and prepare to amaze!

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Pipo Villanueva – PIPO’s ACES(VIP)

Pipo’s Aces is is my take on the Ace Assembly plot (that’s why it bears my name!), more precisely on the Slow-Motion Aces plot by Dai Vernon. It is a pet routine of mine that I’ve been using, and I still use, as the closer of my formal close up magic show. I truly believe is one of the most powerful and memorable effects I do. Check out the uncut and unedited performance of the effect.

Now you can study thoroughly and dive into it with the complete course I carefully put together. Total running time is 75 minutes in 17 chapters.


The four aces are signed on the face and on the back. Twelve indifferent cards are dealt on 4 piles on the table, three cards each. A signed ace is placed in each pile. The one with the ace of spades, the leader ace, is wrapped with a rubber band. One by one the aces magically travel to join the aces of spades, under the strictest conditions and most severe scrutiny, transposing with the indifferent cards. The last one arriving in the spectator’s hands, where the packet wrapped with the rubber band only contains the 4 aces


  • 02 ORIGINS – 8 min: Where I talk about the inspiration and references of the routine
  • 03 SLOW ACES – FAST ACES – 2 min: Where I briefly comment about the two major types of ace assemblies and the typical strengths and weaknesses of each approach.
  • 04 SLOW ACES CLASSIC STRUCTURE – 3 min. Where I focus in the standard structure -method wise- of the slow aces plot and the main problems or challenges it faces.
  • 05 EARLY VERSION 7,5 min: Where I briefly review some previous versions of the routine, with different technical solutions and using a coin instead of a rubber band
  • 06 RUBBERBAND 3 min: Where I explain how the rubber band makes its way to the routine and how it evolved overtime.
  • 07 ODD BACKS VS SIGNATURES 2 min: Where I discuss the idea and some possibilities of using signatures on the back instead of odd backed cards.
  • 08 PIPO’S ACES SET UP 3 min
  • 13 BONUS ROUTINE PERFORMANCE 1 min: Where I perform a routine with a four ace production featuring a triumph effect and a color changing deck that can be used as the prelude to the routine.
  • 16 PIPO’S ACES BONUS PERFORMANCE 8 min: A HD live performance of the routine as the closer of the act I performed in the Magic Castle Close-up gallery in 2016
  • 17 ROLLING CREDITS 1 min

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Jeffrey Wang – Penguin Live Lecture(VIP)

“Jeffrey does beautiful coin magic with his innovative sleights! You are gonna love his work.” -Eric Jones

“Watching Jeffrey perform from behind is an eye opener. Never have I seen anyone manipulate coins like this. This is what we call in Chinese a true 变态.” -Eric Chien

“Jeffrey Wang’s Coin magic is stunning.  It makes me think that I’m wearing a VR headset and looking at some type of trick photography. Then I remember we’re just sitting in a restaurant and what he’s doing is real and I get mad for all the right reasons.” -Erik Tait

“I’m pretty sure that Jeffrey Wang does real magic. I’ve seen it in person. It’s…. Well…. I think it’s real.” -Ben Seidman

What will he teach?

Original vanishes, coin appearances, a very special approach to sleeving and so much more!

Sleeving- A coin appearance where you grab an “invisible” coin from the air, throw it to the other empty open hand, and the coin appears in a flash.

Circle Vanish- Place a coin clearly into your hand and with just a wave the coin disappears. Both hands are shown empty.

Circle Vanish Pro- Put the coin clealy into your hand. Just point and the coin disappears, with both hand empty.

4JT Vanish and JC Vanish- A coin vanishes with just a shake or clap of the hand. Vanish the coin into the air, in the wall, through a glass, and so on.

Portal- Use your right hand to drop a coin that vanishes into the air, and at the exact same time appears in your left hand. This looks as though you are using a real portal to transport coins from one place to the other.

Back Hand JT/JC Vanish- Place a coin on the back of your hand, turn the hand over and back and the coin disappears.

Perfect Classic Retention- Along with the classic retention, Jeffrey will teach some advanced retention vanishes, using only two fingers.

Arming- Place a single coin in the hand, give it a blow and it disappears. Using his unique arming technique, Jeffrey also teaches how to make a coin appears from the air.

Shake Hand- Shake hands with yourself and inside your empty hands a coin is produced.

Coin Pop Appear- Quickly grab a coin from the air. You can use this to produce both coins and cards. It looks impossible!

Who is he?

Jeffrey Wang, Chinese magician, is known for his sleight of hand coin magic. Director of IACM (International Association of Chinese Magician). He is the author of Now You Sleeve Me. And he have been performing and doing lecture tour in Asia, Europe, and North America.

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