Mark Lemon & Peter Turner- The Royal Road to Mentalism 2(VIP)

Royal Road to Mentalism Volume #2 - YouTube

The spectator buys a packet of Starburst (or any candy) and under the table, chooses which ones to give to you - and which to put in their pocket.

The winner will be the person with all of the red ones.

Statistically, there are only 2 to 3 red in every packet.

Even though they've made all of the choices, you have all of the reds and they have a pocket full of the other colors.

You can even pause mid-performance and tell them what color they're holding (zero peeks).

On this instant tutorial, you'll get over 1 hour of tuition from Mark Lemon & Peter Turner on this effect and multiple nuances.

+ BONUS EFFECT. Peter Turner will teach you his coveted mastermind effect using a packet of Starburst, so you can successfully predict their code.

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