Coincidences By Dani DaOrtiz – Forces Project Episode 04 (VIP)

Dani DaOrtiz is back; this time, you don’t have a choice because this project is all about card Forces. There’s no one who makes a card selection feel more honest and fair than Dani DaOrtiz. In this year-long project Dani will share with you his favorite methods, principles, and techniques to get your audience to take exactly the card you want.

The What
Dani starts this lesson with an impossible effect where the spectator and the magician freely choose cards from different decks, and they match every time a selection is made! Two shuffled decks of cards are borrowed from the audience. The magician and the spectator mirror each other’s actions, taking an unknown card out of the deck and inserting it face down into the deck. The decks are then fanned, and the magician and the spectator remove the face-down cards from the deck. Impossibly, the cards perfectly match. The decks are again shuffled, the magician and the spectator trade cards under the table, and they impossibly match when the cards are revealed. This is instantly repeated multiple times, with every card a perfect match.

The How
Immediately after you see the effect, Dani teaches you the bare-bones explanation of what’s going on so you can start practicing immediately. In this lesson, you get two forces for the price of one.

The Why
Here is where Dani DaOrtiz's incredible techniques marry his FISM-winning philosophy. This section is a detailed breakdown of concepts that will take your magic to the next level. This fourth lesson has you learning to use switches to force cards and create miracles. You’ll also be introduced to the concept of indirect forcing. Instead of forcing a card so that you know what it is, you can force a selection to create a broader mystery. This is high-concept magic that will expand your mind to brilliant new types of card effects.

The Force Project is a year-long course in learning to make your spectators believe their selections are fair even though you have total control. Jump into the fourth lesson, where you and the spectator impossibly match freely chosen cards over and over again! Welcome to The Force Project with Dani DaOrtiz.

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