Counting Crows by Daniel Madison

Counting Crows by Daniel Madison

Counting Crows is Daniel Madison’s variation of a classic plot, the card at any number. This is a plot that frustrates plenty of magicians, because it just doesn’t seem very magical. Producing a chosen card at a chosen number feels more like a stunt, not an illusion.

Daniel Madison changes that. His approach to the CAAN routine packs a mystifying punch at the end. Instead of producing a certain card at a specific spot, you’ll produce a card of the same value at that chosen spot, then make a four-of-a-kind unfold from your hands.

This is a handling that lets you turn clever card handling into a visual phenomenon. The principle behind the effect will open up some interesting avenues that Black Club members should know how to handle.

This effect was a giveaway for attendees at the Magic Live convention, held in August in Las Vegas. But we think that old saying about what happens in Vegas shouldn’t apply to Black Club members.

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