Craig Petty – Masterclass Live Week 2(VIP)

Craig Petty - Masterclass Live Week 1

Session Two - December 11, 2022 (4pm ET / NYC Time)

Two cards distinctly marked with crosses (“X”s) on the back vanish and then sandwich the selected playing card in the deck.

A chosen card has the name of a celebrity on the back that a spectator was thinking of.

Mentalism vs Prediction
Instantly know which card the spectator has thought of and then show that you predicted it in advance

You read the spectator’s mind and divine the film, color and card they chose.

Invisible Stickman
A stick figure vanishes from one playing card and magically reappears on a thought-of playing card.

Stick Pack
Stick figures start to appear on the backs of a packet of four Aces before all jumping on to one card. Then, the stick figures appear on every card in the deck.

Two decks with numbers on the face are shuffled. Deck one is cut into six piles, and the numbers match six chosen cards

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