Cut and Restored Silk

A handkerchief becomes visibly restored after being cut in half and the halves held well apart to prove that no trickery is involved. Indeed there is no trickery in the cutting, for both halves are quite separate. The effect has proved a great hit also, in the act of Will Ayling who used a regular linen handkerchief for its performance.

Phoa used to demonstrate and explain a version of this trick in the lecture he gave to Magical Societies and at Conventions, but the method he now uses and describes here is much superior. The first idea came from a version by Tan Hock Chuan published in the Sphinx magazine, but this was not self-contained and needed the aid of a top hat and a wand. Another version by Giampaolo Zelli required a thumb tip. Phoa has succeeded in eliminating all outstanding aids.


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