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Darryl Vanamburg – Control

Control (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Darryl Vanamburg

Con-trol (k/uh/n’trol/) Noun. The power to directly influence objects or the course of events…

From the brilliant mind of Darryl Vanamburg, comes a deceptively simple system that gives you the power to break the laws of physics!

With CONTROL, you harness the ability to manipulate small everyday objects in new and impossible ways! Penetrate solid through solid, transpose an object from one location to another, or even effortlessly move an object without touching it, using only your force of will! It’s a complete arsenal of routines, ideas, and gimmicks to propel your magic forward and absolutely stun your spectators!


3 thoughts on “Darryl Vanamburg – Control”

  1. Could please upload these tricks
    Daniel Madison – Masterclasses All of them
    Penn and teller- masterclasses

  2. Stife – Really? You are asking for Penn and Teller Masterclass. It’s on the right of every page of RLSMagic. It’s titled ‘Penn & Teller Teach the are of magic’, which is the title of the masterclass session. But I guess that could be confusing. Peace.

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