David Stone – Damaged

FISM winner David Stone creates some of the most visual and high impact magic in the world. Damaged will leave your audience wondering if what they saw was real or trick photography, until you send them home with a memento of an impossible moment. You are going to beat your audience’s brain up with Damaged.

Here’s what happens:

A spectator freely selects any card. It is signed and lost in the deck. The magician produces the Joker, but tells their audience that they need a receipt from this wrong card before they do the impossible. A corner of the Joker is torn off and then stuck to the performer’s head. Then, away from the deck and in full view, the joker transforms into the spectator’s signed card complete with torn corner. The corner stuck to the performer’s forehead is brought back into play and is shown to have also transformed into the signed card, and the torn edges match perfectly. Everything is examinable.

Password : rlsmagic.com

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