Decibel by Adam Wilber

Decibel - magic

You’ve heard the hype – now Decibel is finally here! We’re very excited to be able to off you this incredible, innovative, powerful piece of magic that the top magicians are raving about.

So what is Decibel all about? First, let’s look at the effect. You ask your spectator to name ANY song – it could be their favourite song, a song they just heard, a song from their childhood, pretty much ANY song they can think of. Then, you take their headphones and have them put them in their ears but give you them the other end that usually plugs into their music player. Simply by holding the end between your finger and thumb, something truly magical begins to happen. They hear the song they named playing through their disconnected headphones! That’s right, without being plugged into any music device they hear the song that they freely chose! No force. And that’s just one effect.

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