Disposition by Franco Pascali(VIP)

Disposition by Franco Pascali

It’s an impossible coincidence — with an ordinary deck.

The cards are shuffled over, and over, and over again — and each time, the spectator makes a series of free decisions. They choose everything — which pile to shuffle into which pile, which pile to turn face up, and which pile to turn face down. They can even change their mind.

Despite all of that – despite EVERY decision – the only cards face up in the end are under YOUR complete control. The face up cards can be anything you want – their phone number, the serial number on a dollar bill, or every card in their chosen suit in order except for their selection. The possibilities are endless.

Crystal clear, in-depth streaming instructional video by Franco Pascali.

Disposition is Franco Pascali’s handling of John Bannon’s iconic “Play It Straight Triumph” originally published in 1990. Special thanks to John Bannon for his generosity in permission to publish this routine.

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