Elevated Dice Matrix (EDM) by Nicholas Einhorn

Elevated Dice Matrix (EDM) - magic

Elevated Dice Matrix (EDM) is Nick Einhorn’s take on the classic plot using four cards and four dice (or ‘die’ if you prefer) in a visual, magical presentation; a complete sell-out in just 48 hours at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2016.

Using four 3/4-inch dice and a beautifully simple but clever gimmick, the classic matrix plot just got stronger. As you hide the dice beneath the cards, your audience will be convinced they’re still there (the card even stays 3/4 of an inch above the surface with the dice below it), until the moment you remove the card to show the die vanishing, appearing and switching places. Wonderfully elegant and visual, this really is a spectator and magician fooler.


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