Elevator by Kyle McTavish presented by Dalton Wayne

“Visual madness. You’re crazy if you’re not doing this trick.” -Dalton Wayne

Any pro magician can tell you, people FREAK OUT when you do magic with THEIR stuff. And nothing is more common today than iPhone earbuds. So if you want to seriously melt peoples’ minds…


1. Borrow a pair of earbuds from a friend.

2. Slip them around your hand, and watch as “pop-pop-pop” it MELTS through each one of your fingers.

3. IMMEDIATELY hand them back!

No fluff, it’s THAT direct and powerful.

The secret is so ingenious, you’ll smile when you learn how this one is done.. and of course you’ll want to do it everywhere.

PROFESSIONALS: This is an ingenious secret, takes up almost no space, instantly resets and is instantly examinable. A true worker. Also, the supplies you need are easily found, but just to be sure, when you order today you’ll get an offer for a free set of supplies.

You’ll love Elevator. Dalton’s right, it really is insane.

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