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Bon Appétit by Eric Ross Instant Download

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For centuries, Hindu Fakirs have been pushing the limits of the human endurance to pain with public demonstrations..

These demonstrations, such as eating glass, sleeping on a bed of nails and piercing their bodies with giant skewers are shocking, scary, taboo and ultimately intriguing!

So, what if you could perform such a stunt?

The Ancient Art of Eating Nails has been demonstrated by Hindu Fakirs for hundreds of years.

Now, for the first time ever, Eric Ross will teach you his clever, unique and safe presentation and handling of this classic Fakir feat. of pain that hes performed and perfected around the world!

The effect is simple and direct..

You pull out a pile of nails. You may have them examined by your audience if you wish.. Proceed to EAT one.. Then two.. Then 50 PLUS nails!

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