Escape Proof by Jay Sankey(VIP)

Escape Proof by Jay Sankey

Jay’s newest magical creation is HERE!

“Sooo effing good! I can see this demolishing audiences!”-Spidey

“I clicked Add To Cart before the preview even ended.”-Terrance Blake

“What a fabulous effect! People are going to freak out.”-Mark Carlaw

“Can’t wait to close my shows with Escape Proof.”-Sam Leslie

“You had me at ‘no sleights.’ LOL. I gotta admit that I LOVE self-working tricks.”-Morgan Smith 

Astound your audiences with an incredibly fair selection, combined with a test conditions vanish and a heart-stopping reappearance.

Now you can make a selected card VANISH from the spectator’s own hands!

And it’s ingeniously EASY to perform…

*NO palming
*NO switches
*NO awkward ditches
*NO sleights

On the exclusive ‘deep dive’ 60-minute tutorial you’ll also learn how to perform this unforgettable effect WITH YOUR FAVORITE BRAND OF CARDS.

‘Escape Proof’ comes complete with:

*Punched packet of official Bicycle brand cards
*Custom designed envelope
*Solid brass padlock in a dead black casing with two keys

Don’t wait to order yours – click ‘Add To Cart’ NOW.

This Download Link is restricted for your  VIP membership level.

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