FLICKER by Yugi Howen

FLICKER is a visual effect that will astound your audience!

Borrow your spectator’s bill. Sign it.

Flick the mark with your finger — move the mark with your finger!

You can perform this with all types of money, for anyone at anytime. Many variations possible, based on your personal style – be creative! Can be combined with other effects.


With FLICKER, you can remove the mark on the money in your hand.

You can move the Mark on the money in your hand to money held by the spectator.

Make a mark, and then change its shape into something else.

You can make a wrong prediction — then you change the prediction with your finger.

And there are still many variations based on your style.

“I am very proud of this effect, this is even better and easier with a killer effect.”
– Arie Bhojez


– No magnet
– No thread
– No glue
– 360-degree performance
– D.I.Y. 1 minute
– Reset time 3 seconds
– Easy to do

FLICKER by Yugi Howen


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