Hide the Colored Ball by Chris Rawlins

“This routine absolutely slays! It has immediately gone into my bar set but this will work in almost any setting. I love it!” –Alan Rorrison

If you saw this trick out in the real world, you’d bet anything Chris is using a fancy $500 electronic device, or some clever bluetooth operated ball.


Imagine a secret that’s so strong, you can repeat it as many times as you like, while being so simple to explain, the entire tutorial is under 30 minutes long.

Hide the Colored Ball is a secret that will drive your spectators mad. Near impossible to figure out, done well, it will easily fool even the most experienced magicians.

But that’s just the beginning!

Chris Rawlins creates to PERFORM, so you can be sure this trick comes complete with a multi-phase routine that builds and builds, while also getting people emotionally involved with great mind-reading hooks and strategies.

It’s complete enough for you to add to your show immediately, while giving you freedom to change literally any aspect of the routine to suit your own personality. The perfect package no matter where you are on your magical journey.

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