Holy trap by Cyril thomas(VIP)

Holy trap! By Dr. Cyril Thomas Instant Download

"Holy trap is so visual and unique. And the method is Fantastic and also the Cross shape makes this routine more impossible. Highly recommended!!!" - Jeki Yoo

"Next level card and rubber band!" - Xavier Mortimer

"Damn dude. That looks WILD! Brilliant work man!" - Lloyd Barnes

"The best "band finds card" effect I've ever seen!" - Bacon Fire

“Holy Trap! This is Great!” - Nicholas Lawrence

"Dr. Cyril Thomas does it again! Holy Trap, this is good visual!" - Dan Hauss

“This is insanely visual, it literally looks like CGI!" - Luke Oseland

After 1 year of intense investigation, Dr. Cyril Thomas has finally found the Holy Grail of rubber band and card magic.
Just imagine… A spectator selects and signs a card. The card is lost in the middle of the deck and the deck is fully wrapped (vertically and horizontally) with a crossed rubber band. The deck is then hold on both of its corners with the extreme tip of your fingers. Suddenly, with no suspicious move, the crossed band disappears from around the deck and reappears in the middle of it, crossed around the chosen signed card. The visual of this effect looks like CGI and you will be able to enjoy its impact in real life!

The best part of it? There is no duplicate card, no duplicate rubber band and no gimmick. Only one regular rubber band, a regular deck of card and a regular unique signed card. The mechanic behind this gem is so genius that the method itself will fool you.

- Holy trap! During the 30 min tutorial, the Dr. will teach you all the subtilities behind this wonderful routine and several alternative handlings

- Quicky trap! He will also teach you another impromptu setup to make a crossed rubber band disappears in a blink of an eye from almost any rectangular object (mobile phone, deck of card, pack of cigarettes…).

- Bonus effect : finally, the good Dr. will teach you a bonus ending variation that worth the price of this project. In this effect, the crossed rubber band disappears from around the deck and reappears around the signed card in an impossible way (in a Z shape).

Don’t miss the best rubber band project from the tortured mind of Dr. Cyril Thomas, and acquire the holy grail of your repertoire!

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