Ian Wong & TCC – Spring Moist

Spring Moist - TCC Presents and Ian Wong - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

This amazing magic download is brought to you by Ian Wong (the creative mind behind the “Puzzlement Deck”) and features FOUR mind-blowing effects that offer powerful and visual new takes on beloved classics. Each one revolves around one simple principle that can be learned in just a few minutes.

You’ll find an ACAAN that can be shuffled by multiple spectators, a playing card location effect that features a visual image of finding the selected card, as well as an advanced double location version and a new perspective on the Out of this World plot.

Even those already familiar with the principle “Spring Moist” is built around will benefit from the original thoughts and handlings packed into this impressive download. Once you see how incredibly easy it is to do, and the potential it holds, you’ll be kicking yourself for not discovering it sooner.

This comprehensive download covers all the subtle, yet crucial, details that make the “Spring Moist” system so beautifully deceptive. It won’t take long to master and you’ll love adding this powerful tool to your card magic arsenal.

Shuffle ACAAN
Ian Wong uses this clever principle to offer a new take on the venerable Any Card At Any Number plot. Out of the 100s of different ACAANs created over the years, very few allow the deck of cards to be shuffled throughout the whole process like in “Shuffle ACAAN.” Most importantly NO SLEIGHT OF HAND and NO DIFFICULT MEMORY work are required. This is a practical and commercial piece that is primed and ready to go right into your close up magic set.

Lucky Spring
Ian Wong’s famous effect. A spectator’s card is lost in the deck. They then toss another card into a card spring and impossibly find their chosen card. Every detail has been thought out to make this as simple and impossible as possible. Absolutely killer.

Two Birds One Stone
An advanced version of “Lucky Spring” using a different and sneaky method that helps you find two selections with just one move. Very visual. Very practical.

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