Imagination Holding Coins by Kainoa Harbottle

Kainoa On Coins: Imagination Holding Coins - magic

It’s time to learn coin magic from the Big Kahuna of Coins, Kainoa Harbottle. Brought to you by one of the top modern-day coin artists, Kainoa on Coins: Imagination Holding Coins is the devious close-up or parlor routine you’ve been waiting for.

Looking for a coin routine that actually involves the audience? Then Imagination Holding Coins is what you need. Coins vanish one by one in a very clean manner despite the fact that the coins are seen and heard up to the last second. And seemingly this is all accomplished using audience imagination, with the audience holding the imaginary coins and even choosing the ending!

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Download : UPLOADGiG – NItroFlare



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