Impulse by Looch

The traditional wisdom is that mind-reading and mentalism should never be mixed with playing cards. Enter Looch, a mind reader and mentalist from the UK who shatters that wisdom with Impulse.

Impulse is Looch’s approach to performing direct mind reading with a marked deck of playing cards. In this project, you will learn five professional routines along with all of the details and psychology that Looch uses to destroy his audiences. The routines require almost no sleight of hand and are designed so that even knowledgeable magicians will be unaware you are using a marked deck. If you have never worked with a marked deck before this project will give you the crash course you need to start wrecking audiences right away. If you are experienced with marked cards you will appreciate the layered principles and deeply fooling approach that Looch takes. This is Impulse by Looch.


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