Jaw Droppers by Larry Anderson

The amazing JawDroppers DVD’s are now available through Penguin Magic!
Read on to find out everything that you will be able to get with our special package deal.
JawDroppers4 DVD’s are packed with 6 hours of material to teach tons of close up magic with cards, coins, and everyday objects!  
Taught by Larry Anderson, who has been performing and teaching magic for over 25 years, the JawDroppers series have become one of the best selling “learn magic” programs of all time.  Larry has worked with Mark Wilson on national television shows and was a product coordinator for Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic!  Besides being a television game show host, Larry has taught magic to and performed for many celebrities andnow Larry will show you just how easy it is to learn magic as he teaches you magic tricks thatyou can use to entertain your friends and family!

Vol. 1 Out of Thin Air (95 minutes)
Out of thin air contains 22 tricks that can be performed anywhere.  These miracles don’t require any set-up and with a bit of practice you’ll be amazing your friends in no time at all.

1. The Ultimate Utility Move
2. A “Snappy” Coin Penetration
3. Business Card to Dollar Bill
4. Crayon Clairvoyance
5. Electro-Static Toothpicks
6. Twice Fooled
7. Not So Flatware
8. Shape-Shifting Silver
9. Touched By An Angel
10. A Business Sandwich
11. Anti-Gravity Ring
12. Houdini Hanky
13. The “Flighty” Coin
14. Elimi-notion
15. Things That Cling
16. Two-Bit Penny Pincher
17. The Self-Propelled Cigarette
18. A Coin-venient Shortcut
19. Phantom Matches
20. The Floating Dinner Roll
21. ATM (Air To Money)
22. Sweet Money


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