Jay Scott Berry – Penguin Live – Online Lecture

Arguably the most powerful single utility device out there, the Topit has remained in the shadow regions of the Art for far too long. This is partly due the risk factor and unnatural movements associated with the earlier, more primitive, designs. All this has changed with the new techniques and Topit design pioneered by Jay Scott Berry.

Jay is widely recognized as the best in the world with the Topit and his innovative design. The all-new JSB Topit system has been created in real world performance conditions. The sealed pocket design allows for accuracy rates well above 99%. That’s with coins, cards, balls, gimmicks and more! The Topit itself is made from heavy-duty black satin and can easily be installed and even moved from jacket to jacket. Once installed, it connects and disconnect in seconds, without safety pins, magnets or long flaps to tuck in. This incredible device is the icing on the cake that will launch your magic to a whole new level. Jay will perform and teach over a dozen effects with the JS Topit System:

1. The Basic Coin Vanish: As clean as magic gets. A silver dollar sized coin is freely shown, sleeves are rolled up and, without any false, tell-tale moves, it vanishes, without a trace. This can even be done close-up and surrounded.

2. Coin Vanish #2: An ultra-clean variation, which will astound young and old alike. Once again, sleeves are rolled up, the coin is shown and gently tossed out to a spectator. By all appearances, it actually dissolves in mid-air! Both hands are immediately shown unmistakably empty.

3. Coin Vanish #3: Another mind-blowing vanish at the fingertips. Sleeves rolled up, the coin is tossed from hand to hand. Without any unnatural moves, it simply disappears.

4. Spectacular: How about a pair of glasses or sunglasses? No problem! This is an effect that Jay has been doing for years in all sorts of conditions. The glasses are freely shown, and, as you clean them with a scarf, they simply vanish without a trace.

5. Silk Vanish: Applying these same techniques, Jay will perform and carefully explain some of the cleanest silk vanishes ever! Using a number of different silks and streamers, he will show how you can make them completely disappear, right before the eyes of the audience.

6. Ball Vanishes and more: Jay will also perform and explain how these innovative techniques apply to any small object, from balls, dice, rings, salt shakers and more!

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