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For the bulk of his career, Jon Armstrong made a living as one of the most talented close-up magicians in the world. But, about a decade ago, he decided he wanted to focus more on performing stand-up magic both as a creative challenge and to open up more financial avenues. In this special, Masterclass he’s going to teach you how he made that transition. This includes both complete routines both old and new and all the tips he's picked up over the last ten years.

This three-part session includes two 90-minute lectures followed by a live Q&A on Zoom where you can ask Jon any questions you have. It's available for just $1/£1 for new subscribers of Vanishing Inc. Masterclass!

There is no better way to start 2024 than with the “Jon Armstrong Masterclass”!

Session 2 - January 14, 2023 (4pm ET | NYC Time)

Week two dives into five ways you can change how you approach your show so that you make a unique, one-of-a-kind impact on every audience.

Unite | Uno Voodoo
This fun and engaging effect about the world of high-stakes UNO cheating is the perfect effect for audiences of any age (something that cruise ship magicians always need to worry about). It’s a fully-scripted cards across routine that is as fun to perform as it is to watch.

Engage | Engagement Ideas
In this session, Jon will show you how to take some stand-up classics and make them more engaging and memorable.

Impress “ Through Line (First Time Being Published)
How can we make our shows more impressive on multiple levels? In this session, Jon will share a multi-part routine that serves as an easy structure to help turn a bunch of unique routines into a real show.

Train | Cup Ball and Shot Glass (First Time Being Published)
Teaching the audience to respond the way you want them to will make getting the reactions you desire much easier. To illustrate this concept, Jon will share an odd routine with a classic magic prop.

Respect | Paper Ball
Discover how respecting an audience’s time, intelligence, and individuality is crucial for a memorable show. Jon will share the closer he uses to get people on their feet and make them eager to see him again.


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