Leo Smetsers Concierge Limited Edition

Leo Smetsers Concierge Limited Edition - magic

Looking for something unique and mesmerizing that will create lasting memories? The let the Concierge help you!

From Holland’s Leo Smetsers comes Concierge, Leo’s crazy Chop Cup Concierge Bell. This lovely bell has been designed from the ground up by Leo, even to the bell button (which will now hold a ball!), to appear to be a normal-looking counter bell, but the Chop Cup nature makes a number of incredible routines possible. You even get four of Leo’s incredible routines included!

So spice up your set with something they will remember and get yours today!

This set includes:

– The wonderfully crafted bell
– 2 x bell button
– 1 x magnetic key
– 1 x labeled key with room number 34
– 1 x empty label
– 1 x leather-like purse to carry the keys
– A set of Chop Cup balls, packed in the leather-like purse
– 1 x bag to carry the bell
– This entire set is wrapped up in a beautiful box

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