Luck of the Draw by Liam Montier

Luck of the Draw - magic

We’re extremely excited at Vanishing Inc to be able to offer you this new killer new utility for mentalists and magicians alike! Luck of the Draw will enable you to do effects including an ACAAN, prediction effects or impossible coincidences. You can do it all with Luck of the Draw.

Luck of the Draw is a utility tool you can use for all kinds of tricks. Here is just one example of what you can do in the form of a card at any number with no dealing or counting. The effect is as follows. The first spectator gets given a clear bag containing numerous raffle tickets. They can shake and mix the tickets, and without you touching the bag at all they can open it, reach in and take any ticket without looking at it and hold on to it until the end.

The next spectator is given a deck of cardsĀ (can even be a deck you’ve been using all night), and is free to shuffle and mix the cards completely. They remove one card and hand the rest of the deck back to you; a completely free choice.

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