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Juan Tamariz is the deepest thinker of Close-Up Magic in history. His influence on card magic and magicians worldwide in unmeasurable. When Tamariz speaks, writes or performs everyone goes out of their way to listen and experience his magic.

This new 5-DVD set shows why Juan Tamariz is considered to be the greatest magician in the world. He cares about all nuances he’s purposely placed into each move, to achieve audience reactions that go beyond amazement. His heart is truly into it, and you will surely benefit from his enthusiasm, magic and philosophy.

DVD I: Renovated Classics: If you are familiar with Juan’s classic work, you might know the effect but Juan has updated the methods, subtleties and routines. Also includes techniques that have never been published before.

Routines Include: Neither Deaf Nor Stupid, New Oil and Water, Oil & Water with 3 Shuffles, Impromptu Deaf Nor Stupid, and Impromptu Real Magic. Plus, these techniques: Switch in N, Red-Black Preparation, Trueba’s Pass, and TPC (New ways to control cards, apparitions, and rising cards).

DVD II: “Exhibition” Deck: Juan explains a stack that he has kept secret for years. With this stack, he has amazed magicians all around the world. You will learn many tricks with it. The most amazing thing is that you will be able to learn the stack fast.

Routines Include: Suit and Number, To The Highest Card, Any Poker Hand, Any Suit… Any Effect. Techniques include: Shuffle that Doesn’t Shuffle, Handling of the Exhibition Deck, Controlled Cuts, Hofzinser’s Culling, and Half Pass.

DVD III: Tricks: New Tamariz routines and with mental and visual impact.

Routines Include: Partial Divinations, Total Benefit, Card’s Book Test, Twice Book Test, Decrypting, Imagination, and Double Sign Cards. Techniques include: Three Complementary Shuffles, Pentacorte, Classic Force, About Double Turnover, Tenkai Palm, Gambler’s Palm, Deck Switch.

DVD IV: Tricks: Juan Tamariz explains his Color Changing Knife routine and very impressive effects using verbal magic.

Routines Include: Double Triumph, Wisdom, Double Travel, GO!, and Central White Knife.

DVD V: Interview: In an extraordinary master class, Juan talks for the first time about the deaf technique, perceptive space, his philosophy about the double turnover, and new tips for the TPC. Then Dani DaOrtiz talks with Juan Tamariz about Juan’s life and work.

Produced by GrupoKaps in 2017. Includes five DVDs and a pictorial booklet with the DVD contents. Also includes an online link to get a free pdf with further notes on the tricks by Tamariz.

Download : UPLOADGiG

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