Magicat – FLYING(VIP)

Have you ever said one these:

“It’s hard to control the card”

“I want to play the card trick, which is difficult for me.”

“I hope my card to be automatically adjusted.”

“How can I control a card simpler and easier?”

Now, FLYING can help you!

FLYING is an abbreviation used for FLY IN-JOG.

It is a card control that automatically IN-JOG when you dribbling cards.

If you know anything about breather crimp, you know it only takes 10 seconds to create the secret stuff.

It is that easy!

Magicat goes in details on how to use this technique for 4 brand new applications.

FLYING is a technique to control and find the desired card using a gimmick.

It provides dribble and catch, pop-out move, card control, and dribble and finds card application. If you apply FlYING into card tricks, there’s an unlimited possibility.

FLYING was developed to control the card easier and simpler.

Once you learn the techniques and the technique for each application, you are very well off on creating your own applications.

Don’t just stop at FLYING. Master the technique and create your own journey.
What you get with the purchase:

1. PDF file (Links to additional material on card control and card dribble)

2. FLYING Streaming Video link  (Korean audio and English subtitle)

This Download Link is restricted for your  VIP membership level.

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