Matthew Johnson LIVE

“One of few magicians who is VERY funny and VERY skilled!” -Gregory Wilson

“Matthew Johnson is a joy to watch!” -Mark Wilson

“AWESOME!” –John Archer

“A very, very clever man!” –Paul Green

“Matt Johnson does more shows a year than anyone else I know!” –Bro Gilbert

“Matthew has great material I know you will use!” –Paul Romhany

“I love Matt’s material; he blends a great depth of magical knowledge with a wonderfully playful creativity” -Christopher Taylor

“Clever thinking and one handsome fella. Matthew Johnson is the man!” -Luke Dancy

What will he teach?

  • Any Card at Any Number: Matthew’s new streamlined version with just 2 decks & instant reset.
  • The Gum Thing: A piece of gum is popped out of a gum packet, chewed and then goes back in time to appear, sealed back in the gum packet.
  • Black I: A card is chosen and signed and lost in the deck. A large black letter I is drawn on the back of the top card of the deck. The I vanishes, travels down into the deck and appears on the signed selection (instant reset).
  • Sweet: Mentalism with four borrowed sugar packets (instant reset/no prep required).
  • Knife A King: Hilarious find a card revelation. This one is X-Rated because of the language used. Really cool little bit for nightclub and bar audience but it does use strong language.
  • Improved Vanishing Card Case: Great card case vanish. Gimmick does have to be constructed, but once made will last forever (instant reset).
  • The Naked Mind Reading Magician: Mentalism card revelation. Funny & a little risque, but no suggestive language used.


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