Mavoch by Ori Ascher

Mavoch - magic

For a long time, my dream was to be able to reveal a thought-of PIN code, without the spectator appearing to give anything away. I read everything I could get my hands on that was relevant. I have always loved working with propless techniques, but when I examined it from all angles, I just couldn’t find anything that felt as clean as the vision in my head.

Along the way, I started to develop my own propless techniques that enabled me to slowly break through the limits of what could be achieved with what was already available. I realized that as well as taking me closer to my dream revelation, I was also building up a toolkit of propless techniques that could be applied in a whole range of different circumstances. Mavoch is the result of the journey that has overtaken my thought process for over a year. Within these pages, you will learn each of the techniques in that toolbox, and ultimately how they can be put together to form a super-powerful, propless PIN divination. Three versions are presented, but in many ways, this book is as much about the journey as the final destination — and what a journey it was.


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