Miquel Roman Anti-Mnemonica

Know the identity of each card chosen freely by one or more viewers at the moment. There is no forcing, there is no memorized deck, no gimmick, no marked deck. Transform your Magic forever with one of the most powerful cartomagic principles ever created.

Are you tired of having predictable magic with methods and routines that seem all the same to you? Do you feel the need to have in your arsenal that perfect magic game that never fails you and transforms every magic routine into a memorable memory for the viewer?

Do you feel that your magic needs a PUSH with a new tool that revolutionizes not only your Magic but every game and technique you already own FOREVER?

Would you like to take your breath away not only to the profane public harder to make believe in magic but to professional wizards (even of very advanced level) who see your magic? If you want to have a perfect tool to surprise your audience in any situation or environment, whether it’s Magic of Close, Scene … or even Mentalism, no matter if you have 2 spectators in front or a theater full, you’re in the right place.

Password : rlsmagic.com

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