Money Shot by Mickael Chatelain

Each gimmick has been carefully hand-crafted by Mickael Chatelain himself, in Paris France.

“I absolutely love it.” -Dan Harlan

Our video shows the money shot about 4-5 times, because you WON’T BELIEVE it the first few times you see it.

Faster than you can BLINK, a dollar turns into a chosen card. There are no words to describe how STUNNING this transformation is.

1. A card is chosen and a dollar is borrowed.
2. The dollar is held at the fingertips and INSTANTLY changes into their chosen card.

Put this stick-of-dynamite into almost any card trick you do.

PROFESSIONALS:┬áThe most STARTLING thing about this transformation isn’t just that it’s instant. It’s also that the two objects are different sizes. It’s like trick photography.

PLEASE NOTE┬áthat the gimmick will work with MOST currencies including US/Canadian/Australian Dollar, UK Pound, Euro. 

What You Get

When you order Money Shot, you’ll get access to the download, and we’ll send you the secret gimmick you need to make it all possible.

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