Nathan Kranzo – ANTI-GRAVITY


Why does ANTI-GRAVITY fool magicians?

Because there’s always a missing piece of the puzzle. “If you’re not using threads, how do you make the bill float?” and “if you’re not hooked up to it, how do you make it fall on command?”

I’ve seen first-hand how fooling this is. Nathan fooled the crap out of me with it at lunch a few months ago (I’ll admit it! I had no clue).

Will this be your favorite way to levitate? YES. Why? Because you can do it everywhere! It’s so practical! No thread means zero stress.

ANTI-GRAVITY is actually 2 tricks in one.

The levitation: Gently, you remove your hand from below a balancing BORROWED bill and it stays in place, hovering in mid-air.

It falls on your command: Without touching it, you cause the bill to drop like a dead-weight.

And with Nathan’s pro tips on how to always be ready to go, you’ll be LOVING this trick every day.

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