Nick Diffatte – Through Being Cool

“These are all great, original, and unique routines that I know will fit in any magicians repertoire. I’m proud to say I’ve used many of these routines and can testify to the strength and quality of the material.” -Dan Sperry

“&@$# you for having so much good material.” -Farrell Dillon

“Nick Diffatte is the perfect combination of smart, funny, creative and practical. And those four things combine to truly make him a triple threat. DO NOT BUY THIS DVD! (I want to keep all of this material to myself.)” -Thom Peterson

“There is a wealth of very practical and useable material in this collection with truly something for everyone.” -John Carey

“Nick Diffatte is a rare breed; an experienced working pro, a dedicated technician, an inventive tinkerer, and a creator of original, offbeat, entertaining magic routines. The plots he comes up with are always funny and unique, his methods and handlings are meticulous in their attention to detail, and everything he creates, no matter how weird, he actually performs for real human beings. If you enjoy performing fun, baffling, practical, and original material in venues other than your webcam, Nick’s ideas will suit you magnificently.” -Sean Mitchell

“With this DVD Nick is sharing routines that can easily be adapted to any style of performance. Strong, solid and magical workers that I can see go into magicians’ repertoires. I already added one.” -Fritz Alkemade

‘Through Being Cool’ is a collection of close up and stand up material direct from Nick Diffatte’s working repertoire. All of the extremely visual and deceptive material contained on the DVD can be done for real people, in real world working environments. No Youtube magic pipe dreams.

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