One Card and One Card Only by Larry Hass – VIP

Larry Hass is the dean of the McBride Mystery School, and he knows a thing or two about performing direct and powerful mind reading. In One Card and One Card Only Larry has updated Jack Kent Tillar trick with a killer routine and some new sleights to make this worthy of his borrowed card stunners series.

Here’s what happens:

A spectator can shuffle a borrowed deck. They look at a card from the center of the deck and replace it. The deck is cut, and then shuffled. The audience then removes a few cards from the deck at random, and the magician is able to feel the energy left on the card by the spectator. The magician directly, and with no false moves, narrows everything down to one card and one card only. That turns out to be the selected card.

One Card and One Card Only relies on a subtle yet powerful principle that Larry shares with you. There’s almost no sleight of hand, and it’s simple to do. Best of all it can be done with a borrowed deck. Perform some incredibly direct mind reading with One Card and One Card Only.

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